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When Things Go Wrong Part 1

When Things Go Wrong

Written by Dave Gannaway

In this modern technological world we expect there to be a reason behind everything. Modern society seems to constantly demand a logical explanation why or how could this happen to me? If the car refuses to start in the morning, there has to be a mechanical reason. But I fear that the advancement of science has been blinkered to fact that there is so much more to a human person beyond the physical and mental understanding that has, so far, been undocumented.

Medical technology has achieved amazing levels of accomplishment. Great discoveries have given us to remedies to cure many conditions that a few years ago, would have been fatal. The acknowledged sciences demand provable, repeatable evidence before its conclusions can be accepted as truth. There is no argument over the wisdom, but greater questions are ignored because they cannot be categorized or comply with that scientific paradigm.

What is the cause of cancer, dementia and hundreds more physical maladies? When those questions are addressed science will be forced to rethink the rules because I believe the cause to be rooted in the individual and collective consciousness of the various sections of society. This is a global problem that has determined the fate of every person, country and culture on our planet, and indeed of the planet itself!

Investigations into the global concerns I believe, is too much for individual groups of society to objectively digest and indeed is not the most effective way forward. Understanding consciousness on an individual level will reveal the knowledge we so urgently need.

Understanding what makes successful people tick, how do they think is, I’m sure the core detail of the way forward. We have plenty of evidence on what creates failure and disharmony. Science, I am sure, understands that an individuals thinking and consciousness is often the root cause, but can’t prove in the scientific paradigm. But that does not mean it is not true!

Everything that comes within range of your consciousness will take on the nature and character of that consciousness. That is, all that you absorb yourself in and believe to be true forms the character and consciousness of who you are! Allowing negative situations to fester in your mind while searching for the reason negative things have happened to you generate more of that negative consciousness. Thus attracting more of the same to sustain itself! Your life is not only affected by what you believe and accept, but the life of everyone who has brought themselves close to you is affected, and that includes your family and community. All these people are feeding and becoming affected by your consciousness; they draw on you for their truth of being, but often your mind is so occupied with concern over your personal problems and in-harmonies that they are turned away from the truth and become sustained by the negative. A chain reaction is set-up that quickly that expands to infect large communities, and so it goes on.

An individual with the understanding of the power of consciousness would have avoided these conflicts and contagious negative energies. A whole lot of disharmony even hardships would have been avoided. Many of the meltdowns that have occurred in recent history, I am sure would not have been so catastrophic if more people had a greater awareness of the true nature of consciousness. Any individual in the loop with this knowledge could have stemmed its cancerous effects by refusing to buy-into the thoughts.

Okay, so you ask, how can I use this knowledge to isolate or immune myself to the effects of the group consciousness? The effects created by the masses will continue about you, but understanding some simple truths can have profound effect in isolating yourself. This will perpetuate itself in those about you, just as it did with the negative.

Let’s start by clarifying that ‘what you think and hold in mind is what you are generating into your life’. Think you are coming down with flue, and you will! Think you home will be repossessed, guess what? This is what happens, and the more power and belief you give it, the more quickly it will happen! Trust me, negative emotions and toxic thoughts do have damaging effects on your life! The voice of intuition, the power we are striving to cultivate, is severely inhibited by negative and toxic thinking. However good the medical attention, financial advice or any other assistance you may get negative emotions and toxic thoughts will adversely affect them such is its intangible power.

Cultivate your thoughts on the positive, on what you ‘want’, to be healthy, happily established in your home. Read more on this in Magnetism Attracts and Tapping in to Others Energies. If you are completely new to this line of thinking you may be thinking this is fantasy, pie-in-the-sky talk, and that’s okay, just keep your thoughts vitality on what it is you want! Let your consciousness demonstrate itself to you.

Here are three very important things to study and understand;

1. It is essential to know what you want. And imperative to give-up the ‘need to know how’ it can make its way into your life! We are now working beyond the realm of physical science. Until we surrender the need to know ‘why’ things happen and ‘how’ to attract good things, you will remain on the same track as the masses. Fact is, hold-on to the thoughts of hurt or lack, and you’ll keep on generating more of the same!

2. Keep your thoughts in the present moment. Don’t let your imagination wander into the future. Remember that the only moment that is real, is the present moment, now. Nothing else exists! All else has either past into history or has not occurred yet.

3. Keep in ‘vital interest.’ What is vital interest? Vitality, enthusiasm and whatever can keep you in the zone, that excited, fired-up moment. Read more on this in Motivate Your Motivation and my book Which Way Now?.

Applying these principles will quickly begin to close the negative barriers that are stopping your intuition from being heard.

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