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Motivate Your Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Motivate Your Motivation

Wondering how to motivate your motivation as well as motivate others? An important key that will help to motivate others is to understand that what motivates you may not have any effect on others. Every individual is of course, different. We all have different likes and dislikes … our switches are all different. We know of course that it is impossible to motivate others, we only create and stimulate enthusiasm in them to be motivated.

The surest way to really connect with others is to first gain rapport. Understand that their likes and dislikes may be very different from yours. Even if your objective is to change their view point or to break old thinking patterns, gain rapport first … then they can be led in a different direction.

Once you discover what interests them you know where their motivation button is … then you can begin to motivate their motivation in another direction. This is the surest way to work with other people. Working with what they are in tune with assures you of their attention.

For Self

Here’s a little secret on how to motivate your motivation. Let’s suggest that you have a particular piece of music you find stimulating. Whenever you hear it you get a surge of energy. Or maybe it’s a particular smell or the image of a pretty girl or a beefcake guy or even your dream car. Focus on that anchor make it as strong and powerful as possible … when it is at its peak, clench your fist and anchor it. Associate clenching your fist with the stimulant. So everytime you clench your fist you will recall that buzz of energy. Now you have a powerful tool that will motivate your motivation.

When you are in a situation where a boost of energizing motivation is called for, fire off your anchor by clenching your fist. Allow that sparkling vitality to flow back … feel all the empowering feelings of the anchor zap back into this new moment now. The more you use and become familiar with this technique the easier and more effective it becomes. You can also add and make the anchor even more powerful … each time you feel or have an exciting moment, anchor it into the same fist as before. The effect is cumulative and adds one on the other.

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