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Self Motivation

Getting yourself Motivated

Self motivation occurs when we consciously choose to do something that we are interested in. When we choose to do something, our purpose is the source of our motivation.

Those who are self motivated consciously see a desired state of being, like attaining a desired life circumstance or feeling, as their purpose or "reason" and they take the necessary action regardless of their current feelings or circumstances. They then see the outcome of their actions as the "result". If they wanted to feel happy, then they would choose to act the way someone who feels happy acts. In this case, their desire to feel happy is their reason for acting, and the actual feeling that they achieve through their actions is the result.

Simply illustrated:

Desire(purpose)--> Action--> Feeling(result)

Inspiration almost always occurs when we are engaged in a hobby, or have a unique talent that we express. For example, an artist is inspired to paint. A concert pianist is inspired to play. Neither the artist nor the pianist needs coaxing from some outside source to take action. They are consciously choosing to paint or play and they subsequently have the will and enthusiasm to complete the task in its entirety. They thoroughly enjoy the experience, and the concept of time escapes their perception. This arrangement of cause and result creates a delightful and peaceful inner state; one free of conflict.

Light Up Your Life

Another example is when one has a consciously chosen, single-minded purpose in life. For instance, Mother Theresa consciously chose to care for the poor, sick and disadvantaged people of the world. Everything that she did was in line with her purpose. She did not have to muster up any will-power to accomplish her aim, she was motivated to take action each and every day. It was second nature to her. As a result, she made a tremendous impact on countless individuals around the world and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Her purpose, or motivating factor was the cause, and the impact on the world was the result.

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