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Motivational Stories

Motivational Stories

Written by Dave Gannaway

Great motivational stories of how others achieved success can be the most powerful and stimulating tool to the individual or the corporation. These stories can be a powerful driving force that generates the inspiration necessary to meet these challenging times. Learning how and what successful people overcame to reach their success is incredibly valuable. Often times, recognizing how others generated their level of success and how they resolved and overcame their challenges is often just what the doctor ordered.

Motivational stories often become the metaphor required in our lives to boost morale and revitalize flagging energy. Creating vitality is the force used to win and is reflected in the stories of those who have already walked the path.

We all love stories about entrepreneurs who made their start without any money or principle yet they rose to the highest achievements, or how the most simple idea grew from a beautiful thought to finding a place in everyone’s lives. These stories that motivate and generate enthusiasm are priceless treasures that stimulate us all to ever greater levels of achievement.

The accounts of human endeavors, and of triumph over adversity, can be so powerful that they lift an individual or a nation to higher levels of achievements. Stories that motivate and create the extra ordinary out of the ordinary, transform the little guy into a giant, and the guy with nothing into the guy with everything are the ones that give us all great hope.

Often times, these messages point us to the recipe of success. Most people use these stories as a quick “shot” that boosts them up for a short time, only to find that they need to come back again and again for more. But true self motivation does not originate from an external source. The most accomplished people of our time found the source within, not without.

We encourage you to explore the possibility that true motivation is, and always has been available to you—inside of you. Motivational stories can be deep and powerful, give us direction, stimulate us, and have a profound impact on our actions. But reading alone cannot give you the necessary rocket fuel to achieve lasting success. It is only when you consciously choose a purpose and take congruent action that you tap into the limitless resources within that are waiting patiently for you.

We have assembled many extraordinary stories from ordinary people to extraordinary leaders—some funny, some sad, some that bring a tear to your eye, and some that bring joy to your heart. We encourage you to read and enjoy these stories and use them as a resource, and understand that true motivation lies within you…Right Now!

Read more about self motivation in order to understand how to identify and harness its unlimited power.

Out staff have roamed the world collecting the best of the best motivational stories that inspire and generate the adrenaline to get up and go. Each story is a true testament to the human’s capacity to shine in success and achievement as well as the love to share that joy with everyone.

Nicola Tesla

Charlie Brown

Davy's Story

Jewel's Story

Shady Lane’s Story

Phillip’s Story

Mick’s Story

Scott's Story

Willy's Gratitude

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