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Taping into Others Energy

Written by Dave Gannaway

One the techniques I used as a therapist to help increase clients confidence and self-worth, was to have them imagine tapping into others energy, pretending them selves to be someone who had those qualities. The result of this program was extremely effective. I would just ask the subject to thing of someone who had the qualities they admired, then imagine how they would feel if they actually were that person! I’d ask them chose the personality carefully, focusing only of the traits they admired. Then I would encourage them to spend time each day pretending that is who they were, and express those qualities as their own literally tapping in to others energy.

Asking the question, how does that person feel? What is it feel like to exude that much confidence or charisma? Or, how does it feel to be able to produce such beautiful works of art or writing? Many would be well advised to become familiar with the experience of being wealthy and possessing those things they have been striving for. In this way the subject gets a ‘demonstration’ of how his life will be with new feelings of confidence and self worth. It demonstrated clearly and precisely what the experience will be like to feel better about them selves.

Even more importantly the subconscious, that inner part that goes to work manifesting the realities from our thoughts, it has a perfect guide of where you are heading. This fact alone is often the missing link where a persons knows what he wants but keeps missing the mark! Energy To give an idea how to some tapping into other peoples energy is quite natural, watch them leaving the cinema after watching their favorite movie star. I remember observing folk after watching cowboy John Wayne overcome the bad guys. Some even emulated the ‘Dukes’ swagger as they made their way back to the car! They had transmuted the energy of the movie and emulated the feelings of the hero of the movie. Children are great subjects to watch since they can be outwardly expressive and more readily influenced.

Movement and physiology can greatly affect the way a person feels about themselves. Try tapping to others energy for yourself. Find a picture of an athlete who has just won his event, punching the air or reaching skyward in victory, and physically emulate it in yourself. Tap in to the facial expression as well as body posture and you will recreate the feelings and euphoria of victory within your self. In my office I kept various pictures of personalities savoring their moments of triumph serving me as a constant reminder.

These techniques are powerful and can have obvious adverse effects. They demonstrate how easily people can be affected by movies, TV even newspapers. I recall giving these instructions to a patient I was helping to gain confidence and self worth. He was lethargic and depressed so I asked him to think about a favorite movie star who inspired him. He chose Burt Reynolds. My recollection of Burt’s was him playing a race car driver who overcomes his troubles to become a hero and winner! My client quickly learned how to emulate the actor’s confidence and left my office with a new and confident posture.

He missed his next appointment and I learned that he had been arrested and was in jail. It transpired that the Burt Reynolds in his observations played a vicious gangster, the subject became violent and trashed his home and was arrested! Such was his perception of the movie actor. This type of adverse motivation can also be experienced when movies of violence, war, and combat are taken to heart. So a level headed and realistic approach is recommended.

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