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Magnetism Attracts

Written by Dave Gannaway

I was watching football on TV when it occurred to me that all the thousands of people in that stadium had one thing in common, they all liked football! That’s obvious, a no-brainer, right? They were all magnetically drawn to that one place by their common interest in football, like attracting like.

Others are drawn to their favorite bar to watch the football on the big screen with their buddy’s and couple of beers. Some manipulate the wife and kids to vacate the house to allow them to have a few friends over to watch the game at home. We know the passion for the game plays a large part in these gatherings but when that motivation is generated by a group of individuals the outcome grows greater than the sum of its parts! A compulsion is generated, for all those guys drawing them forward. Enthusiasm kicks in and an enjoyable evening results for everyone!

Noticed that while flicking through the TV channels, this time I hovered on a football game to see who was playing and in that brief moment, I was drawn into the energy and enthusiasm of the game. An hour later my wife said in bewildered amusement, “but you don’t even like football!” That energy was compelling. I asked myself, ‘was I suddenly interested in football or was it the exciting energy that was so compelling?’

This same effect comes in to play when the individual gathers his thoughts together about a common focus. This is popularly labeled The Law of Attraction. Equally it could be called the Law of Magnetism. An individual or group, who hold its attention on a single focus with enthusiasm create a magnetism that attracts the common focus, whatever it may be. What you think about and focus your energy and vitality on most, is what you generate in your life. That is not just a well-worn platitude it is as true to day as it ever was. Indeed observe the life you are experiencing today and you will clearly see the product of your past dominant thoughts and feelings! Ouch!

Curiously, the Law of Magnetism works for everyone, the good the bad and the ugly! Because you attend the church every Sunday and help old ladies across the street, matters not one jot where this law is concerned. Criminals or martyrs have no distinction over its effects . . . there are many very successful crooks both legal and illegal! The sun shines equally on the just and the unjust! Where your focus and vitality is held creates the experience, period! That’s just how it is! Aint it great?

Don’t you wish it was easier to be nice and more loving toward others and hold just nice positive thoughts; to be less critical of those about you . . . and to wish and help others toward the success you search for yourself? How great would that be? How easy it is to blame others and look on the dark side of what is going on in your world. That ain’t exactly all goodness and light, right? Oh heck I can only be myself, if I were intended to be a greater success things would have been different, right? Wrong. ‘I just drew the short straw! Lady Luck just passes me by!’ Wrong! Magnetism works the same for everything without exception and the truth is we can only affect one person, and guess who that is! Yep, I can only affect myself, so when I call that guy at work a jerk I am looking at a mirror, and guess what the magnate is creating? You got it! Everything I think and say is a reflection of what you attract and become.

When you’re feeling angry because of what others have said or done to you, just stop bitching for a moment and think. They have not ‘done’ anything ‘to’ me. They might have said bad things about you, but only you yourself can react to create the pain and feelings within. Only you have access to control how you feel about what others say or do to you. I often remind myself that ‘what others think of me is none of my business!’

You have heard me say many times that ‘people do not change unless they absolutely have to!’ So, where does that leave me, between a rock and a hard place? Fact is, it’s ‘make-your-mind-up-time’ If you are hot happy about where your life is now, then you’ve gotta get serious, no more than that, you’ve got to get desperate. Yea desperate, that’ll do it!

The big difference between the magnetism of the football crowd and you is that you are on alone! No longer a single sheep looking to follow the flock, generate the energy yourself. The first and most powerful tool in your arsenal is enthusiasm. Generate passion and enthusiasm around the things you care about. Move in the circles of like-minded folk. If you are passionate about flying, hang out where other flying enthusiasts gather. That goes for whatever lights your fire!

That generates favorable support and foster positive energy. Keep up beat. Don’t allow yourself down-time! If you are not feeling up to par go to your quiet place, remember what enthusiasm felt-like. Get it back quick, there’s not a moment to lose. And most important of all, remember what the great Sir Winston Churchill said. “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE-UP!”

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