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Meet Dave Gannaway

Dave Gannaway

Dave Gannaway is widely recognized as one of the foremost practitioners of true motivation. He has developed effective true-motivational techniques for coaching one-on-one and groups. Applied with his own personal brand of therapy, he has attracted many personalities and athletes to his true motivational work for over 20 years.

Dave has written five books and many articles on a broad range of topics including true motivation and self-help as well as spirituality. His therapy work includes a subtle mix of, NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line therapy, Hypnosis, Regression and much more. Dave’s true-motivational books are: Which Way Now? - Winning Concepts - Transitions – The Merlin Connection & Merlin’s Gift of Secrets and soon to be released, The Ways of Merlin. His books are known around the world and attract interest far and wide, from the Outback of Australia to the Serengeti in Africa.

Dave Gannaway is known for his quick-change techniques where he has developed fast methods to dispel the very root causes of many of the destructive conditions that adversely affect our lives.

Dave has devoted many years to researching and understanding what makes us tick and ways to make changes at the very root of who we are. Building a greater understanding of the hidden mysteries that lie deeply hidden within our subconscious mind gives him a unique and fascinating perspective on a deeper life. He says, “We already have hundreds of perfectly established childhood programs that are still running and affecting our lives, such has been our conditioning.”

Dave is a skillful practitioner and spends the minimum of time delving into the past, focusing instead on moving forward. “The focus of my work”, says Dave, “is to create changes and true motivation within the client not to waste time digging-up the painful past. This makes true motivation fast, positive and effective.”

He was trained in and studied in the United Kingdom, Holland, and in the United States. As a writer and speaker he has produced five books, written two dramas for the BBC and many articles as well as given hundreds of talks and true motivation seminars. His work is his passion, as he says, “If you love what you do, when you stop to relax, you find yourself doing the same thing!”

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