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Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Is there such a thing as an effective weight loss motivation program? How often do people with all the best of intention, embark on a weight loss agenda and fail miserably within the first week or so? Statistics show that only a few actually continue long enough to make any significant difference in their weight and a miserable 5% of those manage to keep it off. So whilst there are good weight loss motivational techniques available, they are either too difficult or not compelling enough.

Not keeping to your intention to lose weight is of itself de motivational. Of course if your weight loss motivation program is not working for you then its time to look for the gremlins, or what is making it difficult.

First, let’s look at your intention. What is your purpose for losing weight? Is it to look better and more attractive in your swim suit? Are your pants getting too tight? This type of weight loss motivation, whilst perfectly valid, does not carry the urgency to keep you going … it is not sufficiently compelling to keep you on track. It probably does not carry enough urgency to maintain the discipline required.

Now let’s look at some of the contestants of the TV program ‘The Biggest Loser’. To begin with many of them are so excessively over weight that their lives are seriously at risk. They have also exposed their grossly overweight bodies to their family and friends and of course the millions of viewers on TV. They have made the commitment in public to shed those excess inches. Now there is only one way to go to keep face! So their weight loss motivation is at peak performance.

Think now how to combine the two. Check out our link to tips and techniques. Try this, hold out your right hand palm up. Create in your minds-eye a picture of a truly good looking you. Create a picture, in your mind, of exactly how you intend to look once the unwanted pounds are gone. See and feel yourself happy, vibrant and looking good. Make the picture bright, attractive, compelling and, most importantly, sparkling. Clearly see and feel that great looking, sparkling you and clench it into the fist of your right hand. Gotcha! That’s an anchor. This clearly sends a message to the subconscious mind exactly what is required.

Now, hold out your left hand palm up. This reveals what we are going to release, the bad guy. Create another picture, this time dark and dingy, unattractive, ugly you. See that unappealing pathetic ‘lardo’. Yuck! Now, when you are ready, count, 1… 2 … 3 and crash your two hands together. That sends a clear message to the subconscious mind of what you want to achieve and what you want to release. This is no gimmick it’s a genuine therapeutic technique. Try it for yourself and see how you come out of this sparkling.

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