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How to Motivate Myself

Written by Dave Gannaway
Being motivated is contagious. When you are fired-up and ready to make things happen, others gravitate and are attracted towards you. Everyone is drawn towards such vitality because it is compulsive and energizing. For no reason people will say, “I want some of what you got!” Even if they don’t know what it is!

Here is a technique that is a very powerful personal tool. It teaches us and our subconscious how to SWITCH from a negative to the positive pattern automatically.

How to Motivate Myself


1. Identify the Negative. This is called the Cue pattern, the negatives you want to change. Sitting quietly, think of the specific times you have been uncomfortable and felt powerless or out of control. Collect these negatives together. What does it feel like? Use all of your five senses, touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. Make sure these are real specific memories. Times you want to avoid because they made you feel out of control or small. Have these memories as though you were experiencing them again, now. What happened to make you feel like that? Take your time and as you recall these memories anchor them by clenching the fist of your left hand. (See article on anchors.) This we will use later. When you have completed this step it all aside and clear you mind.

2. Create how you want to be. This time you are going to see yourself, in your mind’s-eye, the way you want to be. How would you look, feel etc., if all those issues were overcome and you were success and empowered. Make the images larger, more colorful. Feel what happens if you move the pictures closer to your face. Add your favorite music.

As you are accessing these positive and resourceful images of yourself anchor them by clenching your right fist. Each time something empowering comes to mind, clench your fist and anchor it again and again. The process is cumulative so keep doing it. Remember the experiences when you were fully motivated … anchor it. Can you remember how it was when you first fell in love? Woow, … anchor. When you won the race, wrote the book, won that huge order, anchor, anchor. Make all these experiences as real as they were when they happened, and then pump them up even more! Remember you are observing yourself in all these situations, empowered, excited and fully pumped-up. You really like what you see. Clench your fist and declare, “This is who I am!” and then blank the screen of your mind.

3. Practice expanding and contracting the empowering anchors. Now practice putting all of your positive anchors into a sparkling little square the size of a postage stamp. Practice moving it from very small to very large, from the size a stamp to life-size in an instant. Each time you expand it make it larger and brighter and more compelling. So now, just by clenching your right fist, anchor, you can recall that pumped-up beautiful empowered you. Then blank the screen of your mind.

Practice expanding and contracting these positive images, from a sparkling stamp to life size as quickly as you can. Then blank the screen of your mind … small to large fast then blank. Practice for a few moments until you can do it fast and loose none of it effects.

4. Switching one for the other. Clench your left fist, the cue negative pattern, and create it as a black and white picture on the screen of your mind … notice how old and dowdy that is. Down in one corner of this cue picture you can see the little sparkling stamp. When you are ready say to yourself, 1 … 2… 3… SWITCH, and as you do clench your right fist, positive anchor, and that instant the black and white picture fades and is overtaken by the beautiful, large life-like image. Woow. … Clap your hands together then blank the screen.

Repeat this switching process until you find it difficult to locate the old black and white image. Persist with the switching process until you are satisfied you have mastery over the cue picture.

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