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De Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway
Many companies fail to acknowledge the destructive influence of de motivation. Spending large amounts of money motivating management and staff is laudable but ignoring the possible effect of de motivation can cancel out much of the positive benefits. De Motivation

De motivation can be a very delicate and sensitive topic to address. Simple issues such as demarcation of spaces in the car park can create de motivation. Giving management greater, all-be-it trivial and egotistical, privileges can prove to be insensitive and de motivating. How does the employee react when he arrives at work to park in the back, furthest from the workplace? … Then he has to walk past the management cars languishing in personalized spaces close to the door! Sure, one could say that that is a privilege and benefit awarded to managers. Weigh the value of that against all the de motivation created in employees that have to walk in that way.

I have even encountered cases where management even had separate coffee machines selling superior coffee than the employees. Some even dispensed the coffee free to management whilst, on the other employees had to pay. How silly is that?

We at True Motivation.com have observed various programs adopted by some companies had not been as cost effective as anticipated. Further investigation by our team quickly revealed the reason for the de motivation. The department managers were being paid 8 & 10 times the rate of shop floor employees. This of course created severe resistance and reluctance at any attempt to motivate employee’s to increase productivity.

Most often de motivation is unintentional even accidental yet destructive anyway. Such simple, even child like issues, can create disruption that, in turn can wreck the best motivational program. Management would do well to consider the value of hierarchy privileges against the effects they may have on other employees. This is an area where an outside company would see the issues more clearly since they are detached and uninvolved with the internal politics and personalities. To avoid this most destructive and damaging condition, discretion, sensitivity and common sense are the primary tools to adopt.

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