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Personal Motivation

By Dave Gannaway

What turns you on? What’s your personal motivation? What makes you come alive and feel as though you could conquer the world? Sit quietly for a moment and recall some the highlights and achievements of your life. How was that experience for your? As you recall, are the memories pictures in the mind, or maybe they are feelings, or could it be sounds? Is there a special piece of music that sends tingles down your spine. These are anchors that can be used as a switch to access your own personal motivation when ever you choose. Check out The Magic of the Red Dot for a complete technique of personal anchoring.

Personal Motivation I have special tunes and singers that inspire me and I have them collected on my MP3. So when driving to an appointment or waiting to give a talk, I can be receiving a shot of my own private motivation. You will notice many athletes use this method to keep control of their own private thinking. It also serves the purpose of isolating you from distraction and from losing your focus.

Another powerful form is to be amongst people you hold in high esteem. Being amongst winners generates that winning energy, that charisma given off by highly energized people. Soak it up, remember what it feels like, reproduce it, enhance it, do everything you can to make it a part of you. Imagine yourself as that person. What does that feel like? What does it feel like to walk around with that cloak or aura of charisma.

If you chose to adopt this technique you will begin to notice that the energy of the charisma, although invisible to the human eye, will attract peoples' attention. When you are generating it people will instinctively be attracted and look towards you. Have you noticed when certain people walk into a room all eyes stop and look? Well that is the same effect and you can have it too when you learn to project charisma.

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