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How To Get Motivated
The Red Dot

Written by Dave Gannaway

The Magic of the Red Dot*

Do you want to know how to get motivated? You must first understand this simple truth—the quality of your life can only be improved by enhancing the quality of your thoughts. A valuable tool that is able to help you to make changes and get motivated in a very real way is the Magic Red Dot. A simple method that will help you to guide and control what thoughts come and go through your mind. How To Get Motivated

Learning how to get motivated using the principle of the Red Dot is perfectly simple. So simple in fact, that I am amazed at the popularity it has gained throughout the world in the fifteen years since I first published the concept. Like so many innovations, the simplest ideas seem to be the most effective. Judging by the readers' letters that I have received over that time, the Magic Red Dot has really been a help to a great many people.

How to get motivated The Red Dot is simply a trigger that brings about a recall of memory. Let me explain. Imagine that you were very close to your grandmother who has since departed this world. The only possession you have of hers was her ‘pince-nez’ spectacles. Every time you catch sight of grandmother’s specs the memories of her instantly flow back. Clear and vivid in every detail, just a glimpse of those specs triggered off that flow of memories. It is surprising, some of the memories you can recall – a smell, a word, a song. For me, the smell of new asphalt from road construction, triggers a flood of lovely memories from my childhood. Everyone has experienced this phenomenon in some way.

How to get motivated - Red Dot


Quite simply the smell of the sea, or the sight of a wedding or whatever, is an ‘anchor’ that is linked to the part of the brain that is storing those memories. So often we do not even know what it was that sent all those memories flooding back, but flood back they did, and in perfect electrifying detail. That, quite simply, is the Red Dot effect—an anchor! But the difference with the Magic Red Dot is that YOU HAVE CONTROL! You decide what you want to recall and when! It really is very simple and most effective.

We have already established that ‘what you think about most of the time, is what you are attracting into your life’, so we can use this method to stimulate and recall what we want as often as we like, using the Red Dot. Once you have the mental ‘picture’ of the objective you are aiming for stored away in your memory, then the Red Dot is a way of firing those memories back into the conscious mind. Remember the more you visualize those pictures the more you will be drawn to the real thing. The more obsessed you become towards achieving those ‘pictures’ the sooner you will achieve them.

Here is how; I use those sticky paper dots that peel off of waxed sheets. The trick is to associate your thought picture with one of the colored dots, I like the red ones! Let us say your thought picture is of a new computer or the image of a new, more confident ‘you’. Now, when you see those pictures in your mind’s eye, visualize and associate them with a Red Dot. See it on the screen of the new computer or somewhere on the new confident ‘you’ but never mentally see the picture again without associating it with the Magic Red Dot. That is the first stage. Develop this to the degree that you never see your goals without its associated Red Dot.

The second step is easy. Armed with a sheet of red dots, you can have instant recall whenever, wherever you need it. Put on the dashboard of your car, on the inside of your wallet or purse, on your desk or machine at work or on the corner of the bathroom mirror. Now, wherever you see a red dot (or whatever color you use) your subconscious will instantly snap into your mind all those ‘pictures’ and associations, each time giving your self motivation another positive jolt.

This method of how to get motivated is really only a progression of the childhood practice of tying a knot in a hanky, putting a rubber band around your wrist, or trying a string on your finger to remember something. In fact, that system may suit you better, but the advantage of the dots is that they can be placed strategically in positions that will keep your mind in jolts’ throughout the day.


The one sure way to keep faith in your picture is to keep the picture bright in your mind, and a sure way to do that is with the help of the magic of the Red Dot.

*Taken from Which Way Now by Dave Gannaway

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