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Personal Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Personal Motivation Since all motivation is personal motivation whatever your objectives are, it ranks pretty high on your list of priorities. For many years I had a very active coaching and therapy practice. When my clients seemed to lack motivation I would ask them “what turns you on? What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you?” Then I would shut up and just observe them.

Potentially high achievers would snap back with a clear crisp, focused answer. But so many would search their brain and look vacantly back at me in utter despair. Sometimes I would ask them to recall a time when they were really happy — same blank response!

Of course everyone has experienced exciting things in their life and everyone has been happy at some time. But when they can’t access any recollection of excitement or happiness they are really out of touch with themselves. If you cannot remember being happy, how can we begin to create more of it? There is no focus, no idea of a goal and without that “we ain’t even got a road to travel!”

“Know thyself”

- Plato - 428 BC

That old Greek guy Plato knew a thing or two when he penned those words 2400 years ago. If we do not know who we are or what we like or dislike, how the heck do we know who it is looking back at us from the mirror? If you relate to that then you have some exciting work to do and a whole journey of discovery to set out on.

Personal motivation is all about knowing what wakes you up and inspires you to action. If listening to a particular piece of music generates excitement in you then learn how to use it to regenerate that excitement when you need it back. Remember when you heard a joke or saw something that made you laugh so much your sides ached! If you find it difficult remembering then just create the situation in your imagination! Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference.

Research has shown that sportsmen who go through their practice and workout in their minds are equally as effective as those who do the actual physical workout. Amazing eh? But it’s true. Create excitement, make it unique to you. Feel so alive that you can’t stand still; you’ve just got to head out towards those compelling goals.

You will become driven - an unstoppable bundle of energy and vitality. And guess what? Like attracts like — as you crank up your personal motivation for constructive excitement, so more of the same is drawn to you. New opportunities, ideas, friends are all making their way into your conscious world. You become a magnet, attracting all those things that light your fire. It is all there, so go get some!

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