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Self Motivation Skills

Written by Dave Gannaway

“There are three things extremely hard:Steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”

-Benjamin Franklin 1750

Self Motivation Skills It’s surprising just how many people never give a thought to self motivation skills. They may observe and show an interest in what motivates others, but seldom themselves. The reality is that everything is self motivation - it’s totally an inside job. I hear employers ask what can they do to motivate their employees. The answer is you cannot motivate another person. Create an environment where they are happy and comfortable and they will motivate themselves.

So what about self motivation skills? How do I go about that? The answer is to begin understanding yourself, what makes you tick? Here are some really simple questions –

• How do you know when you are motivated?

• What does it feel like to be motivated?

Don’t read on for a moment. Stop and think about it … what is the answer?

You may feel uncomfortable for a moment but there is a subconscious part of you that may resist answering. You may feel irritated by such trivial questions or think it stupid. But stay with it for a moment and insist on an answer because this is the first step in developing self motivation skills.

The truth is, if you don’t know what it’s like to be motivated, how will you know when you are?

What do you like? What turns you on? What is your favorite activity? Take some time to think about it. Get an answer. There are probably several things you really enjoy doing. Think about it. Do you enjoy golf, fishing or watching a good movie? Do you enjoy music, dancing, singing or racing bicycles? What does it feel like? Okay, so you think these are ‘cheesy’ boring questions, right?

So, let’s cut to the bottom line, you want to know what its like to be motivated? Remember when you were in love and your head was swirling with desire for that beautiful and significant other person. Need I go on? Remember, that special time … well, you were motivated. Recall the details, savor those moments again. Okay so now I have got your attention. It doesn’t matter if it was 20 years ago or last week, you were motivated and that is what we want to access again.

Anchor these self motivated feelings by clenching your fist. (Click here to learn more about anchors) Know that you know what it’s like to be motivated, each time you feel like that, for whatever reason, anchor it again and again. Each time you do so you reinforce its power and access your true personal motivation. Now that you have identified and anchored what it is to be motivated, you can clench your fist to fire the anchor and get the juices flowing again whenever and as often as you wish.

Setting goals determines the direction you want your life to take. If you don’t know where you are going, “you ‘aint goin’ no where!” But to have clearly defined, achievable goals and the self motivation skills that make your hair stand on end, you become drivenand unstoppable. Like a rolling snowball, as one goal is achieved, so confidence and self motivation skills increase until the snowball grows and becomes unstoppable. It gathers a momentum of its own. The snowball grows and grows. Old limiting factors and beliefs get swept away and new horizons begin to appear.

Notice how self motivated people seem to sparkle and radiate a charisma that is compelling. They stand out above all others and literally sparkle. When they enter a room heads turn and people notice. Some call it ‘star quality’ others refer to it as charisma and know that it carries the key of attraction. Like a magnet this charisma attracts attention, opens doors and paves the way towards success and greater achievement.

This all stems from the simple understanding of self, of who we are and what makes us as individuals tick. It is quite amazing just how few have any knowledge of what motivates them and so they are denied the key that opens the doors to success and achievement.

The biggest bugaboo that has been standing in your way is that old chestnut procrastination. It is so much easier to put off doing something about understanding self. And the truth is, nothing is going to change until you begin to realize just how damaging that gremlin is and you take charge of your own life. You are the only one who can!

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