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Self Motivation and Discontentment

Written by Dave Gannaway

Discontent can be either a lack of self motivation and/or destructive. It’s just a matter of choice. On the one hand being discontent can be the negative result of loss motivation. On the other it can become the harnessing power to some action into your life. Self Motivation and Discontentment

I recall a young man who claimed he was stuck on the treadmill in a job that he didn’t like. No amount of self motivation shook the discontent he felt. He was called-up to serve his draft in the Army. Before he left I recall him telling me, “When I return to civilian life, I am never going to work for anyone ever again.” He spoke with a determination that left me in no doubt that his intention was firmly established. Now, many years on, since his return from the Army, he is happily married with grown-up kids, and a healthy business … and he has never worked for anyone since!

His powerful discontent had been a powerful driving force. So powerful in fact that it had removed any doubts or fear about his future. He had become a positively driven and a truly self motivated individual.

That same discontent could, equally, have gone the other way and generated anger and resentment. That attitude would have festered, to engender a bitter and twisted outlook that would have led his life in a very different direction had he not taken control. It could have anchored him securely in the discontent and that would have led him back to where he had started out.

His self motivation turned his discontent in to an extremely powerful driving force. His discontent became an optimism and excitement that knew precisely where his life was heading.

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