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Psycho Reversal Technique

Psycho Reversal Technique

Written by Dave Gannaway

For thousands of years the Chinese and other Far Eastern cultures have used techniques to deal with most human problems unheard of here in the western world. Some of these methods and techniques produce amazing results. Many of the methods create their effectiveness by tapping into various specific points around our body. These points are most often are placed along the meridians, the invisible energy lines that traverse our bodies. These are the points that acupuncturist tap into, and achieve some amazing results.

Greater understanding of these ancient techniques have taught that the same astonishing results can be achieved without the use of needles, instead simply tapping the various points can produce the same amazing effects. I will be sharing some of these methods of creating changes. I will not go into great clinical detail of how it works but to simply just illustrate how to change specific issues.

Our subconscious mind (SCM) also plays an enormous role in controlling what is happening within our physical world. Many of the things our SCM controls are not always what we really want. Understand that our SCM does not think itself, IT creates for us what we consciously think. So if we are not feeling well, or not motivated, our SCM works on producing that into our life. Yes, if we are thinking about feeling unwell the SCM works towards creating more of that! It is actually generating more sickness.

Many years ago a chiropractor demonstrated to me that 99% of his patients subconsciously did not want to be healed! The reason for that was their SCM was resisting it. The same can apply to whatever conditions need to be changed in any area of your life. People do not make changes in their lives unless they absolutely have to. Interrupt that pattern of thinking is what we are demonstrating here.

Understanding that simple fact about the SCM and using some of the ancient meridian points, we can correct and reverse some of the resistance to change. This technique is so simple one wonders how it can be so effective. So don’t underestimate or judge this by its simplicity.

The method is to tap, using two fingers, the point where the little finger joins the knuckle. Think about the outcome you want to achieve and how good that would feel. Just tap for about 5/10 seconds on each or both hands. That’s it! I wish I could make it more difficult or more profound, but it works just like that.

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