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Motivation for Personal Growth and Abundance

Motivation for Personal Growth

Written by Dave Gannaway

Motivation for personal growth and abundance is one of the most sought after categories within the field of self development. The lack of prosperity and abundance in the individual seems to raise the greatest demand for motivation and answers in the world of personal growth. What is the secret of true prosperity? How to achieve a life of abundance? Categorize the titles of many thousands of self help and personal growth books that appear every year. Each one claiming to reveal the unique secrets of motivation for personal growth denied us for so long.

Is there such a secret of prosperity? Does a magic that attracts abundance really exist? Is it truly a topic that can develop personal growth through motivation? The answer to the first two questions is NO – there are no hidden secrets of prosperity or magical formula for abundance. Unlike the secrets of the Da-Vinci Code there is no hidden vault deep beneath some mystical castle standing guard over these secrets. The only mystery lies within our own minds.

We were born free and clear of limitations of any kind, our only fears were that of falling and loud noise, all else has been added. Yes all else has been added, that means, since we were innocent at birth, whatever limitations that are stopping prosperity and abundance we have created ourselves in the short journey from birth until now! All this occurring as we have made our way through our life, ‘growing-up’ and being exposed to the influence of others around us. This, of course includes the environment that all this took place in (TV, schools, involvement with the military and the Law) Each having the effect of adding another little brush-stroke and dash of color to the picture of who we think we are right now.

So if what you are seeing and experiencing in life now is not pleasing, then changes may be called for. Motivation and personal growth development will help identify some of those toxic or unhelpful areas. These conditions that have occurred along the way can all be addressed. The journey from birth until now will have areas of influence that, as an adult, have not been helpful in attracting success, prosperity or abundance. My therapist and teacher always told me that “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!” Making it clear that whatever conditions or programs, traits or habits we have created or allowed into our lives along the way can be corrected or deactivated.

Attracting success, prosperity and abundance is an ability that can be learned through working on being motivated towards personal growth and addressing any other issues standing in the way. Magic is not involved, secrets, if you wish to identify knowledge that is new to you as such, is available and on hand to all those who seek it. The key that opens the door is that of intention and the desire to do whatever it takes and to know and identify the goal when you arrive.

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