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Motivation and Work

Written by Dave Gannaway

Here's a simple question, yet the fundamental reason for all motivation and work … Why do people go to work? People go to work for money. There are of course exceptions. There are those who are financially secure and work as a relief from boredom, or because the simply love the creative process or out of sheer habit. This group may even work for free or for charity, but by far the greatest reason for people having a job is to bring home the mustard or “the bacon,” in other words, … to provide for themselves and family. Motivation and Work

In the harsh reality of today there is very little you can do or provide without money. Our society has, I believe foolishly, substituted hard currency for plastic cards. This provides convenience and ease of use. It has also, in many cases, wooed them into a false sense of security that has created an even greater demand for money. This in turn lays an even greater burden to create ever more cash.

As Maslow’s Theory of Motivation illustrates, employees need to earn a basic living wage and benefits before they will make any response to motivation and work. Here is a point many employers fail to note and then wonder why their motivation and work programs do not meet their expectations.

Close to the essentials of money, employees need to be appreciated and valued. They need to feel that they are more than just a number on the time clock, or a pawn in the employer’s lavish chess game. If working men and women believe that to be the case they become very demotivated. This can lead to resentment towards management and a situation where there are no winners on either side. It is also a case where a motivational survey may be the tool to provide employers with the insight of what is festering within the ranks.

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