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Goal Motivation Theory

Goal Motivation Theory

Written by Dave Gannaway

Goal motivation theory is one of the most neglected, yet most important factors in achieving anything in your life. Without a goal nothing happens on purpose. Imagine getting into your car to go on a drive; you may have the latest most beautiful new car, the tank is full of gas, everything is just perfect. You start the motor, slip it into ‘drive’ and move off. There’s lots of vibrant energy, power galore just waiting to speed off … but where are you going? If you don’t know where you are heading how are you to know in which direction to steer? Living without goals is just like that … an aimless wander through life with nowhere in particular to go.

Did you plan to be where you are in life now? Was your journey planned or have you just aimlessly drifted and meandered on the tide of life and just happened to end up here?

Goal motivation theory guides you to understand how to set precise objectives that give your life motives and strategies that move you towards your target. We are naturally drawn towards our strong desires and motives. If the goal or reason is not strong and compelling enough there will not be enough motivation to achieve it. There is a whole life lesson right there … just look at some of the high achievers. The Olympic games attract hundreds of athletes who spend many years moving toward the goal of an Olympic medal. Their goal is so strong and compelling that everything they do moves them another step towards it. Visit our article on Fitness Motivation for more information on moving towards motivation.

Moving Toward or Moving Away From Motivation

Another factor of motivation moves you either toward pleasure or away from pain. In the example of the athlete, the desire for glory, the medal, the idolizing crowds and fame, carries them through the intense pain and hardships of years of training and all that goes with it.

Moving away from motivation is where the goal is to overcome severe injury or extreme hardship or away from poverty and lack, towards pleasure or prosperity. Goal motivation theory applies to both pain and pleasure and can be equally powerful.

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