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Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway
When you close your eyes do you see that beautiful trim and healthy you? That is the role of fitness motivation. A compelling, attractive, sexy image of you as you intend to be is the motivation that will draw you towards it.

There are two distinct types:

• Moving towards. The aim is to achieve that beautiful sparkling new vitality. The trim vital body that will make you sooo attractive. Your motivation is heading towards that. Moving towards people are generally more attractive and have greater vitality.

• Moving away. When your doctor warns you of the dangers of being overweight and its consequences. Of rejection and ridicule of being oversized. This is a moving away from strategy. This type is often subdued, lack luster and vitality. Generally others find them less attractive.

Everyone uses both motivation directions. Of course we all have area’s we want to move towards, happiness and comfort etc. Likewise we want to move away from pain, distress and danger. Becoming aware of these different aspects of yourself will quickly demonstrate which makes you the most attractive. Which ‘you’ do you most enjoying being?

However, the dominant thinking pattern creates one of the two types as your dominant, major, fitness motivation. Caution that a moving away from strategy can become a habits, ‘poor me’, ‘here we go again,’ ‘I knew I couldn’t do it!’ This will, naturally keep you firmly rooted where you are. Resistance to change will increase creating more and more challenges. Fitness motivation becomes a ‘most’ here!

Those compelled to deal with their fitness issues are naturally moving away from them. They can experience resistance and reluctance, this is one of the area’s where fitness motivation, becomes most valuable and constructive. The painful changes of beginning to exercise, adjusting diet, and generally overcoming inertia must come first. With some small tentative steps the moving away from person begins to taste success. He gathers a little momentum and sheds a few pounds and lights begin to come on to demonstrate the do ability of the task. Encouraged now by results he/she may switch motivational direction to moving towards.

The most progressive fitness motivation is the moving towards strategy. It draws people and opportunities towards you. This modality, like a magnet, draws us forward towards the promise of success … it dangles the carrot and promise of all those positive desires. It gets the fires burning and the blood flowing. It turns the attention forward and upward to reveals the very real possibility for achievement.

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