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Diet Motivation

Diet Motivation

By Dave Gannaway

Diet Motivation is no exception in the Western world’s eternal search for the quick fix. Weight loss abounds with schemes to shed X pounds in ten days or other unlikely promises. Truth is, many of them are impossible save removing fatty tissue surgically! Everything natural takes some time.

Extreme measures are not to be recommended unless under the strict supervision of the doctor. However, most of us need some motivation to help shed those excess pounds to feel more comfortable and get back into trim. Not only is it not healthy to be over weight, it’s unsightly and uncomfortable too.

Here are just three of the most simple, yet effective, suggestions from one of the most successful and natural programs available:

• Eat slowly.

• Put your knife and fork down after each mouthful.

• Stop eating when you are full.

Each is tantalizingly obvious yet most of us fail to observe them. To support these simple suggestions there are things we can do that will help. a) Turn off the TV at meal times. b) Try to create the situation where all the family eat together more often. c) Stop eating with the plate on your lap in front of the TV. d) Drink water with your food. These suggestions will also help relieve digestive problems.

Taking a little bite of food, concentrate on its taste, its texture . . . chew it longer. You will surprise yourself how the experience of eating changes. Food no longer becomes ‘fodder’ or just a fuel stop to keep the engine running, it can become a delightful experience.

The final suggestion is to stop eating when you are full. This has to be a ‘no-brainer’ yet hardly anyone observes it. Just a point to help focus on how the body feels rather than how enticing the foods looks! Again so simple and effective so why don’t we do it?

Forming habits of these simple and natural eating patterns will produce positive results easily and naturally, more importantly your modified eating habits will regulate your body weight without even thinking about it.

For more examples and natural ideas for diet motivation, check-out British Therapists Paul McKenna’s ‘I can make you Thin’. Amazon.com

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