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Weight Loss

Written by Dave Gannaway

Weight Loss Weight Loss is one of the greatest issues facing the Western World at this time. If the true dangers of obesity were studied seriously by the medical profession it would label it an epidemic.

We are offering free information on the main issues involved in weight loss. Not just verbiage, but proven factual and useful information. We offer you the techniques that we have used successfully with genuine paying clients over the past twenty years. We have testimonials from around the world, from many who have successfully enjoyed the fulfillment of shedding those unwelcome pounds.

There are many weight loss techniques offered and explained with enough detail for you to use effectively at home. And we look forward to receiving accounts of your successes and the stories of your efforts. We are offering downloads of Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions and much more.

STEP ONE – Understanding the Problem.

I hear you say, “Of course I understand the problem … I need to lose weight. Duuh!” That’s true, but understanding that no one ‘did this to you’ is important. Someone didn’t come up and dump this extra fat on you for no reason. You must be clear and honest with yourself. This is something YOU did. Own it, take responsibility for it. If not, you are making yourself a victim and then there is an even more difficult task to correct. Sure, it’s nothing to be proud of nor is it something that ‘just happened’. It is the result of something that happened within you. There are always exceptions (such as medical conditions), but we are dealing with the issue generally.

You need to have an idea where the root of the problem came from. For a detailed look at this go to Identifying Resistance to Change and you will discover that the seat of the issue may go back to childhood or even an unkind comment by another person. Even if it was cause by an unkind comment, that person was not the cause, it was your reaction to it that created the problem. And that is the issue that needs correction.

This first step to lasting weight loss is the most challenging and important. Treating the cause, once it is known, is a matter of technique and not the most difficult task.

STEP TWO – Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?

Again, this may sound like a silly question, but it’s truly not. The subconscious part of us goes to great lengths to maintain the level of existence it identifies as who we are. Based on the collective memories of the past, this may not include losing weight. And so it may resist any and all efforts you consciously make. This is the reason most diets and casual efforts to lose weight are unsuccessful. I often worked in close cooperation with a chiropractor and we discovered that almost 100% of his patients had a resistance to healing. Using kinesiology, I asked every patient to make the same statement, “I want to be healed,” and virtually every one tested “NO”, which meant that the ego did not want to be healed. This showed the presence of some resistance. Once I corrected and reversed the resistance using The Physiological Reversal Technique, there was distinct improvement to their healing response.

If you have tried to lose weight before and failed then using the knowledge above is important … but if this is your first attempted then just check-out and use the Physiological Reversal Technique.

Getting Motivated

STEP THREE – Getting Motivated.

Because it is generally accepted that losing weight is a difficult task then that is precisely what we create … difficulty. Likewise, many fail in their attempts to shed those unwanted pounds. So at a deeper level of awareness, you too may not believe that you can succeed where so many others have failed. We already understand that our self talk is what we think and what we create in our lives. So having these doubts is not conducive with achieving your goal. You need to make some changes here. We need to create a consciousness of wanting to do and being excited about it! In other words you need to get motivated!

Imagine for a moment you are planning a vacation in the sun. From the very moment you perceived the idea of your trip you were excited. The more you thought about and made your plans the more empowered you became. You made that vacation happen with the motivation and unquestioning faith you applied to it. Let that be the model for your weight loss plans. Let’s take a look at the successful mental process we went through to achieve that.

Firstly, the pictures created in your mind were bright, colorful and very compelling. You can probably smell the ocean and taste the salt and even hear the water on the beach. You felt exhilarated at the prospect and couldn’t wait to make it happen. Now, compare the two sets of thoughts. How did the inner experience of losing weight rate against your plans for the vacation? Take a moment to notice what the differences are.

Everyone is different, of course, but let me show you what I mean. In your mind’s eye, observe the beach scene, with the surf, sand and sun. Make it as exciting as you can. Now do the same thing for losing weight and compare the two. The difference is that the beach scene is bright, colorful and compelling. It fills the screen of your mind. It’s exciting.

Compare that to your inner observation of losing weight. You will probably notice that the picture is in black and white; it’s small and seems far away. There are none of the senses involved. The whole thing lacks luster and you may feel no compulsion to take part in that at all! So, which one got your attention? Exactly, and that is what you must do with your inner experience of losing weight if you are going to succeed.

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