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Diet Motivation

Diet Motivation

By Dave Gannaway

Although you may need diet motivation to boost your efforts, a little common sense will tell you that to remove living flesh from your body cannot be achieved overnight, unless you are a surgeon! Weight loss is not a quick fix, but for greatest effect here are a few tips that will help you toward success.

1) Gently does it. Don’t set goals, just aim in the right direction. How many times have you set a goal to lose weight and given-up? Each time it established your effort as a failure and failures can become a habit. It is more effective to just aim to lose weight. That way you cannot fail!

2) Slowly does it! If you aim to lose five pounds, you will achieve success quickly. Just listen to those who try to lose weight, they will say, “the first five pounds was easy, I did that in two weeks . . .” Okay, so lets lose five pounds easily in two week, then keep doing it repeatedly! To undertake to shed twenty pounds can be a daunting task. To lose five pounds, four times is much more achievable.

3) Feeling how good it is being at your desired weight is not only pleasant, it is also the most powerful diet motivation of all. Your subconscious moves you toward the dominant feelings. You have no choice in the matter, it just does. So if you hold your thoughts and feelings on how nice it is to be trim, guess what, you have the most powerful helper on your side.

4) While feeling the benefits of being trim, notice what else is going on . . . you feel confident and good about yourself. Your clothes fit better, the love handles have gone and you are feeling more attractive. All because of how you feel about yourself, it’s your choice.

5) Remove hurry. Every natural process from planting a seed to planning a vacation takes time. Trying to speed up the process can just create resistance and slow things up. Remove the time element and just let things happen in the natural way. Seeds don’t struggle to grow, once planted there is nothing to do except wait and know that the flower will bloom. Could there be an easier diet motivation than that?

6) Exercise is good for you . . . make it a chore and it becomes a pain-in-the-butt and the chances are you will not maintain the routine. Create exercise around the things you enjoy and the benefits become win-win fun-time. Understand that exercise is the way to burn off the excess food you have taken onboard that the body has stored as fat. The best way to do that is to exert yourself more than you normally did! In that way the body will begin to use the surplus fat. How fast you remove it . . . that’s your choice!

With a little common sense, an effective weight loss program can be put in place that is easy and effective. And most often these are the most sustainable because they call for the minimum degree of change and diet motivation.

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