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Why Is Motivation Important
Part 1

Why Is Motivation Important

Written by Dave Gannaway

Why is motivation important? The answer is simply that motivation activates parts of the subconscious mind that otherwise lay dormant. Creativity, innovation and much more are accessed from areas of the mind that are not normally used. If they were, we would have the answer to every question before it arose!

As we accept the importance of motivation, our whole mind and body move into a different gear. Just as a stationary car can have the motor running and in perfect shape, but before it can begin to move it must shift into a different gear and have a destination. That shift is motivation, and the degree of creativity and momentum it achieves is determined by its power and intensity.

It’s little wonder that high achievers are vibrant and energetic individuals that are fun to be around and have magnetic personalities. Ever wondered where that good idea you had was, before you had it? Where did you get it, where did it come from? Where did Bill Gates world-changing idea of a universal computer operating system come from? It wasn’t invented yet, so where did he get it from? Is there some pool of magical energy somewhere that we can scoop up and mix with our individual thoughts to produce new and innovative ideas? What happens when a fabulous entertainer walks on stage and holds and audience of thousands spellbound with his/her charismatic talents? Someone asked Michael Jackson where did he get his extraordinary talent to dance come from? He replied, “All I know is I feel the need to dance, and it just comes.” He just knew the importance of being motivated, how to tap into the pool of knowing.

This is where genius comes from when we learn how to access and recognize it. Observing intuitions, when they occur, is to open to the genius within. It is important to become aware that we are receiving these constructive intuitive inputs of information all the time. They have always been there and they will never stop. It is only our awareness of them that can be limited. You may call them ‘gut feelings’ or just bright ideas, and brush them off as such. But whatever term used, they are precious instructions, urges or feelings responding to questions and providing answers or solutions to issues occurring within your mind. This can be day to day issues in our lives or the search for more complex solutions. Why Is Motivation Important The uninformed may not be aware of these subtle communications from within and simply dismiss them out of hand. The more alert and motivated observer welcomes and encourages them. As the individual’s awareness becomes more alert to the value of these new arrivals and starts to act upon them, then this inner knowing expands. With continued motivation it begins to expand and flourish within the individual’s consciousness. A chain reaction is released opening the flood gates to a whole world of understanding and knowledge. Thus enabling the individual access to whatever his heart desires. He is only limited by the level of his own acceptance. How much can you accept?

Why is motivation important? Ask yourself why is the key to your car important? The answer is simply that without it nothing is going anywhere. The car is inanimate, turn the key, start the motor, get on the move, select a direction and you will soon discover a road system that will guide you to whatever destination you choose. Why is motivation important? Because motivation is the key to getting anything done.

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