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Weight Loss Tips Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Weight Loss Tips Motivation

For many, weight loss tips motivation are like New Year’s resolutions … they start out with good intentions but soon fall by the wayside. So the first of the weight loss tips motivation that I offer is to stop thinking of shedding those excess pounds as a chore. Hard work and chores create an inner reference of moving away from losing weight -- denying yourself chocolate and not being able to eat all that good stuff. You think of cutting back on this and that, all of which in turn creates resistances. See How am I Motivated.

Weight Loss Tip Motivation # 1 — Right Thinking

Reverse the focus of your thinking towards the delights of being trimmer. Of having lost weight and how good it makes you feel. This creates a moving towards scenario where you are motivated towards the pleasure and benefits of weight loss. This is a benefit that creates enthusiasm drawing you towards the goal.

Weight Loss Tips Motivation # 2— Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of weight loss. Approached from a moving away from point of view the whole topic will become a drag and a chore. Plus any weight lost will probably be temporary. If you notice the internal images they will probably reflect the agonizing toils of people in deep distress sweating and close to collapse.

Think of an activity you enjoy, walking, swimming, kayaking, rowing etc. It needs to be something that takes the minimum amount of preparation or organization to do. If it is too far away, or involves a lot of organizing or assembling equipment, you probably won’t bother. But if it’s as simple as slipping on walking shoes or jumping in the pool, that’s a benefit.

Weight Loss Tips Motivation # 3 — Make it Easy

Look forward to it. It is not necessary to run a marathon or go to excessive weight training programs. A brisk 30 minute walk 4 or 5 times a week may do it. Or a 15 minute walk in the morning and evening may suite you better. A treadmill may be more your style or my favorite is a mini trampoline or ‘bouncer’ that gets it done as painlessly as any. These activities can be combined with listening to music or your favorite motivational material on your MP3 player. The secret is persistence. Keep at it and the results will come.

Choosing the exercise you enjoy is most likely to keep you on track. Once you begin to progress with losing weight you will become encouraged and soon your goals will come into sight. Some find classes or clubs or make partnerships with friends with similar goals which help make the task of weight loss more enjoyable. Man Measuring Waist

Weight Loss Tips Motivation # 4 Food & Diets

Diets are just one aid to your weight loss. The whole issue of weight loss has become a multi billion dollar industry. Millions of dollars are spent in advertising every day selling the idea that one product some advantage over the other or that one diet plan is more effective than another. They each are selling the sizzle not the steak. They display beautifully tanned bodies eating or drinking their product and inferring that if you eat that product you will look like that. It is all a clever subliminal message to encourage you to part with your money.

The easiest way to begin dealing with your food intake is the obvious one. Eat less. Reduce the portions of your normal meals. Cut down on snacks, cakes, donuts, candy and chocolate. Use common sense. Gently does it. If you see the food is heavy with fat, back off. Here is the time to use moving away from motivation. The tip here is to know the damaging effects the excesses are having on your body. Visualize them as dark and harmful. Create a ‘get-out-of-here’ attitude towards excess fatty food.

You don’t need a manual. You can live without expensive diet plans or specialized food products. Your body already is aware of what is good for it and what is not. It is a miracle machine that can, to a large degree, regulate itself -- given a little common sense. Learn to trust your own intuitive self. Listen to it. Trust and act upon it. Get to know the truth of yourself.

Take back the ownership of your own body. See it in your mind’s eye as it was intended to be. Don’t fool yourself and pretend you’re as slim as a stick, when you know that to be impossible. See yourself a little smaller, feeling a lot healthier and looking great. Guess what happens next? Sure, you can’t wait to keep going and progress even further.

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