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Weight Loss Motivation
Inner Plan or Diet?

Written by Dave Gannaway

Weight Loss There are so many diet programs, books, magazines and TV shows available that from the outset, weight loss motivation can be a daunting tast. Countless remedies and medications grace the shelves of our stores each making its own promises of weight loss success. The individual’s choice is often being determined by the attractiveness of the packaging or the persuading blurb of the beautiful presenter or busty beauty. Huge amounts of money and research goes into the understanding of marketing. We are being mesmerized and wooed by the promises.

Each claims to be the definitive answer and they try to motivate us to place our weight loss demands in their product. In truth, we have the answers within our own amazing minds. The human intuition, our inner knowing, is probably the most powerful and reliable ally we have. When you sink your teeth into some unhealthy, but attractive food, you intuitively know that it is not in your best interest to eat it. It is so easy to block out the facts and the inner knowing that this is not good for you. It’s easy to pretend you didn’t hear the warning from within, or simply plead ignorance and say, “Ah what the heck!” And that’s okay, but that intuitive voice is within every one of us equally, like it or not!

So much technical information is available on weight loss, and weight loss motivation that you can blind yourself with science if you’re not careful. Let’s keep it simple. Just understand that if you feed the body more food, fuel, than it uses it stores it up. That’s the bottom line. Unlike your car, if you pump in more gas than the tank holds it overflows and is gone. The body holds on to it, stores it for a rainy day and you get fat. Now logically the only answer to that is A) don’t put so much gas in the tank, don’t eat so much food. B) Use it, burn some of off, exercise. Not to say those diets don’t work, I’m sure many of them are very effective. But the principle is not rocket science.

Overweight people may be young in years but physiologically there bodies may be well be into old age. That means your body is not working as it should, it’s wearing out, beginning to slow up and, prematurely, failing to do many of the things it should. That can be a scary fact for many who are carrying a lot of extra weight. In many cases reverse weight loss motivation may have the positive effect of scaring them in to action and that is good. A swift kick in the pants may just be the required start you need. The thought of dying prematurely and the distress that may have on their family may spur them into action. Maybe that is what it takes for you to wake up and understand that people die from being over weight. There is no second chance with that, being dead is very permanent! There’s some weight loss motivation for you!

Overcoming inertia is the first and biggest step to take. Once you have made a start you are on your way. Getting off the couch takes the most energy! You then need to be motivated and know what it is precisely you want to achieve. But without weight loss motivation and the belief that you can do it, nothing will work. Conversely, with the true desire and motivation to lose weight, your own intuitive knowing can produce the required results. If you want to use a plan or particular diet that’s fine, just start.

Whether you have a lot of pounds to shed or just a few it can be a daunting prospect. It’s easy to get lost, don’t get stressed about it, that’ll make it even more difficult. Ask yourself, how do they build a house? … one brick at a time. The secret is, the builder has to know the details of how the house will look when it’s done. Then keep laying one brick on the other until you get there. You’ll be surprised how good it feels just to lose a couple of pounds. You’ve achieved something. Do it again, keep going.

It’s a good idea not to talk about it too much, just quietly get on with it. Telling every one of your ambitious weight loss plans just adds more pressure. Quietly just getting on with it is satisfying and rewarding when people begin to notice a new you beginning to appear. The great Italian sculptor Michelangelo said, “In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, I have only to chip away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it so other eyes than mine can see it.” You are that apparition you need to chip away at and the rest of the world are the other eyes just waiting to see you.

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