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Using the Pleasures of the Past

Using the Pleasures of the Past

Written by Dave Gannaway

Davy was feeling depressed because nothing in his life seemed to working out or moving forward until Fred revealed that Using the Pleasures of the Past could change that. None of the ideas or projects he was trying to make happen seemed to get off the ground. There seemed to be resistance coming from every direction. His friend and guru Fred began to give him an explanation why.

“Davy, I have something to tell you, something that can reverse your fortunes.”

“I’m up for that, Fred,” Davy said with excitement. “Lay it on me!”

With an impish smile he raised his eyebrows and asked, “Davy, answer me this, have you ever been in love?”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” He asked incredulously.

“Everything, go on, answer the question, Have you ever been in love?” Fred could see that he was feeling uncomfortable but waited for an answer.

“Well, that’s a bit of a personal question . . .”

“I don’t want to know any details, just if you have had the experience.” Again Davy was feeling awkward and avoided Fred’s eyes. “You see, when you understand yourself a little more you will find it’s possible to Use the Pleasures of the Past to promote the future.”

“You’ve baffled me on that one, but yea, I guess I have some memories. But what relevance has that got?”

“Remember how wonderful, how alive and full of zest you felt.”

“Yea, kinda.” Davy replied after thinking about it.

Fred was smiling now because he was getting his attention. “Now try to remember just how it felt. What was your experience of it like? Feel it all again now!”

“Stead-on Fred, what is this some sort of sexual counseling session?”

“Not at all, just Using the Pleasures of the Past, try to remember the experience and how it felt. I don’t want to know any details just how the experience was for you.”

Davy was quiet for a moment, his head on one side. That was a sure sign he was deep in thought! Slowly at first the thoughts began to return. The furrows of a frown made way for a smile. Almost reluctantly he began to relate his feelings of the magical time when he experienced those most beautiful moments. His demeanor had lightened and he began to smile as the precious and powerful memories began to flow back into his consciousness.

Fred remained silent to allow Davy to savor his special moments.

“D’you know Fred, we did some crazy things back then, when I come to think about it.” He was wearing a beaming ear-to-ear smile as the thoughts returned into his consciousness “Everything seemed so much fun then, we laughed at everything, like a couple of loons! Yea, life was fun then.”

“Just hold it there, Davy. Keep hold of the feeling of those happy and crazy things you did.” Fred paused again to allow Davy more time to enjoy those precious moments. (Link to anchoring.)

Davy began to laugh and relate some of the special moments to Fred. One led to another as more memories surfaced into his consciousness.

“Oh gee, Fred, where did all that go? What happened?” Davy wiped away tears of joy.

“They didn’t ‘go’ anywhere, Davy, you discarded them, put them away. Like the decorations after Christmas, they were relegated to the loft until next Christmas, but they were never call on again. They didn’t go anywhere, as you see they were still as fresh and beautiful as they every-where.”

“Woow, I’d never thought about it like that.”

“Sadly, few do but as you see, just remembering them can make such a difference. In fact it can change your life around in just a few moments, if you will just allow it. Fact is, Davy, just understanding what you just did gives you control over your feelings.”

“Explain that to me Fred!” Davy was still feeling stimulated with the memories that had been flooding back from many years ago.

“Well you have just experienced how, in just a few moment, you can change from feeling down and flat, to crying tears of joy. When we began this conversation you were miserable and despondent, just look how quickly you made a complete change by simply Using the Pleasures of the Past.”

Davy went back into his thinking mode again. Then after a moment said, “I can understand what you are saying Fred, but isn’t that just fooling myself? I mean, if did relieve the despondent feelings, but the situation remains the same!”

“Understand Davy that your thoughts and feeling radiate out and touch everyone. You only have to walk into your home feeling miserable or angry and your wife will pickup on it in a moment.”

‘That’s a fact Fred she can read me like a book. Strange that!”

“It’s not strange at all, your feelings and thoughts are radiating out from you all the time, like it or not, and those about you pickup on them. So answer me this. What do you do when you go home and find your wife, or your friends, angry or throwing a temper tantrum?”

“Woow, I just keep out of their way.” Davy reply with certainty.

“And what would you do if you had a good idea or pleasant surprise?”

“I wouldn’t bother, I’d wait until things lightened-up!”

“Exactly, and that’s how it works. The negative energy attracted more of the same and had the effect of repelling the positive. So when you are feeling and having negative thoughts you are repelling good things and good solutions from happening for you.”

“. . . and when I am having positive exciting thoughts and feelings I will attract the good. I guess it’s obvious when you think about it. People are not attracted to looser right?”

“But now you know how to make changes very quickly, you can take charge and avoid those damaging ‘down times’. Gloom and doom can now become a thing of the past,” smiled Fred.

“Hey Fred, d’you know what? When we started I thought you were going to give me a fatherly talk about sex! Crazy eh?” Davy was laughed.

“Well, it’s not as crazy as you think, Davy. You see, sexual energy has amazing power and is a gift many successful people use to great effect! They are Using the Pleasures of the Past to boost their lives! But we’ll keep that for our next conversation!”

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