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Tapping in to Sexual Energy

sexual energy

Written by Dave Gannaway

It is an ancient truth that humanity has a powerful reservoir of sex energy that, when full utilized, has the potential to propel the individual to greater heights of understanding and achievement. Tapping in to Sexual Energy can generate greater vitality and your charismatic attraction. Research show, that most high-profile personalities and outstanding achievers have a well-developed sexual nature. A little objective observation will reveal evidence of this strange yet often overlooked fact.

Some people exude a sexual energy that naturally radiates a unique charisma around them that attracts attention and positive energy to them. Some can tap into a sexual energy that vitalizes them to the degree they can standout in a crowd. Many cannot identify exactly what their attraction is only that it sets them apart from the rest.

By its nature, the human sexual desire is the ultimate creative energy. Arriving from deep within our most primitive genes, humanity’ desire to procreate generates an extraordinary, often unstoppable power to express itself. Deeper understanding of this most powerful energy reveals that by Tapping in to Sexual Energy can redirect the natural flow in a different nonsexual, direction. Naturally, it is the most ultimate act of creation, it possesses an unlimited energy and focus that, when redirected, can be world changing in its power.

Generally, sexual topics are restricted to the carnal interaction of the sexes and personal gratification. Greater understanding reveals that tapping in to Sexual Energy the individual can redirect and harness the unstoppable power of human sexuality. Just as the unstoppable flow of a river or the wind can be redirected to drive great turbines that generate electricity. The flow of the river or wind cannot be stopped, but they can be redirected and controlled to produce other valuable resources.

Through the understanding of sex transmutation the amazing and unstoppable flow of sex energy can be redirected to power other areas of our lives. This is the link and a clue that genius can stem from mediocrity. I believe it is the secret successful high achievers use to reach their extraordinary goals. Strangely, my research show, that in most cases they are not conscious of the power behind their achievements! They just use it naturally and without thinking. But having this awareness, you can use sex transmutation to revitalize your life and lift you above mediocrity.

So, how can you use Tapping in to Sexual Energy? Simply explained, it means switching the mind from thinking thoughts of physical sexual expression to thoughts of a different, yet constructive nature. However, there is a paradox involved. To transmute the sex energy, you must hold-on to the intimate feelings and experiences, but change the form of the thought and direction, altering the flow of energy from one direction to another. Just as the controller of a power station can close one valve on the flow of water to one generator, and open another to flow and serve a different generator. Still the same powerful flow of energy but redirected to power another very different, purpose.

In the human experience the irresistible force of transmuted energy can raise you to new levels of intense creative activity. One client described it as shifting into an extra high gear, a whole new level of vibrancy and experience. All stimulus of physical intimacy is now directed whatever direction you chose, business, sport or art, it can also be applied to innovation and inspiration. The energy will express in whatever direction or field it applied.

Warning. The power and drive this technique is potent and will expand whatever is held in its focus. Like a gun it will hit what it is aimed at, positive or negative. Its effectiveness will produce results and should not be underestimated. Tapping in to Sexual Energy in a negative frame of mind will attract negative experiences.

As you becomes familiar with the new and inspired energy, so the flow of intuition or ‘gut feelings’ seem to increase. Making time to sit quietly and put aside the everyday chattering thoughts and listening, help in becoming conscious of this precious ‘inner voice’. One famous American motivational speaker said, “I speak through ideas that come to me from within.” That is precisely what he was talking about.”

I believe the intelligence within is constantly aware of the answers we are searching for, and is continually providing them, if we would just be quiet enough to become aware of them! This inner intelligence is truly the genius within us all. One person is not born with more than another, but one can be conscious and understand more than another.

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