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Understanding Employees Motivation

By Dave Gannaway

Understanding Employees Motivation Building rapport and understanding employees motivation is very different to just giving them a reward. Of course the very reason they are employees is that they need money to support their families and to live. But a little more understanding will increase their motivation even further.

One employer believes that remembering his employee’s names is a great boost to their motivation.

I noticed that when President Obama took time off from the oval office to visit a Five Guys hamburger joint to buy burgers for his staff, he motivated half the nation watching on TV. Even those watching at home who did not get a burger were so inspired to see such a humbling gesture. He knew what motivation is all about!

Running my own boatbuilding company taught me much about motivation. When ever there was a dispute over how a job should be done, or how long it should take, I would face it head on. Rather that enter into any confrontation I would often take off my coat pick up my tools and demonstrate how it should be done and/or how long it took me to do it. Demonstrating as one of the work force would normally gain their respect and defuse the situation. It was also my practice to make it fun, make jokes, and create laughter, just as they did whilst working. Talking to the men using their first names, even taking a break with them all helped overcome their resistance and increase motivation. It does not replace monetary reward of course but truly boost it.

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