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Self Motivation

By Dave Gannaway

To get a handle on self motivation ask yourself …

What is the Difference ……..?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is the difference between a self-made millionaire and me? Think about it. Oh sure he has the money, but think about the man/woman themselves. What is the difference? Is there any difference? He has not got three heads, nor is he twelve feet tall. He can only eat one meal at a time, drive one car and wear one suit. He even hurts himself when he falls over. In fact he is just the same as you. The difference is in how he thinks and the self motivation he has to get what he wants.

Self Motivation

These are the subtleties of mind that give him the ability to think-out ideas, develop prosperity and bring it from being a non-material thought to a material physical reality. Everything starts as a thought in someone’s mind. The process of creating it as a physical reality depends and feeds upon being self motivated. Having abundance and prosperity is nurturing that thought, giving it vitality, and allowing it to manifest in your life.

We have already shown that there is no physical difference between millionaires and yourself. So is there any difference in your brain and his? No. It as all sitting up there on top of your head as it is with him. Could he have more brains than me? Maybe? But understand it is not just about brains, its about the mind … and there is a very big difference - self motivation. To simplify, the brain could be considered the operating system in your computer, the programs if you like. The mind, on the other hand, is the computer itself, this incredible mechanism that has no limits to its ability, only the limits are those you place upon it. All you need is to learn, is how to use it, then it will serve you well.

The part of this great computer or our individual mind, is often referred to as our subconscious. An incredible piece of kit that runs everything in our lives and will produce anything and everything we can desire … if we understand how to use it. In fact it is so simple that we most often have to complicate it to get to an understanding of how it works. The bottom line is that it produces into our physical reality, exactly what we create in our thoughts. First reactions are usually, can it really be that simple? The answer is yes, but when you stop and observe the conditions of your life it raises the question, ‘Is that a reflection of how I have been thinking?’ Now that may come as a culture shock, even disbelief. But yes, that is exactly a mirror of how you have been thinking, and until you can accept it and take responsibility for that fact, nothing can change.

Understanding this will begin to illuminate the true differences between you and the millionaire. Because he knows the vital importance of right thinking, the high achiever will have his brain tuned and focused to a greater degree on exactly what he is going to achieve. He has a commanding influence of it, rather than his mind controlling him, as is most often the case. This where he understands the importance of self motivation and what a difference it creates for him. From this motivated standpoint his mind is excited and eager to do what ‘he’ wants it to do. Remember, IT does what we hold in mind and the more motivated we are about it the greater the enthusiasm is rushed in to the task. He has trained and programmed his mind to think only about what he wants … and avoids the negative hum drum junk, the stinkin’ thinkin’, that surrounds him like the plague.

A Single Step to Start

Most men and women are not always that focused. The degree of focus of the high roller are learned qualities that we must learn and adopt if we are to join the winners circle. “Even the longest journey starts with but a single step.” That well worn adage is a true fact and your personal journey into the realms of greater abundance and success must also begin with a single step. A step you must take NOW, this minute, whilst you are still reading these words. That very first step is to decide what you want and then build a motivation, an excitement that will propel you to get it, starting NOW.

It is not enough just saying, “I’ll do it”, then forgetting about it. It calls for commitment to do it. Simply saying, “I can do it, and I am going to do it.” and then create a burning unstoppable desire … a ‘can’t live without it’ burning desire. I could even say build a desperation for your goal. Once you have created a real belief and commitment that you are going to do it, the ‘how’ becomes so much easier. What is most important is you must start now, right now, at this very moment. Commit yourself to doing it. Cut off any escape route that may prevent you from doing it. No negative excuse is valid for any reason. “Tomorrow I will be richer or one step nearer my goal than I am today.” Say and make it work, even if it is only by one penny. You cannot be dependent on anyone but yourself, you’re the boss, the fruits of success will be yours alone.

Think about this. If you took one cent today and doubled it every day, tomorrow you would have two cents, the next day four cents, then eight and so on. In only 30 days you would be worth over a million dollars. Work it out for yourself. That is millionaire thinking.

I can hear you thinking, “but how?” Let me tell you a little secret. With some self motivation and unstoppable desperation, you are prepared to do whatever it takes, the how will be given to you. How? I have no idea, all I am sure about is how IT works. That is how the successful do it. The answers are very simple, and you already have access to them if you will only motivate yourself enough to allow them out!

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