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Self Motivation

Self Motivation

By Dave Gannaway

A key to self motivation is to expect the best and see the best in all things. Developing the skill of optimism generates a charge in a person that lifts and separates them from the rest.

The opposite of optimism is pessimism and using the 80/20 rule reveals that if 20% percent are optimists the greater majority are the also-ran’s, the losers! But the true optimist is oblivious of the trailing tail-enders . . . their focus is always onwards and upwards. If they look back, all they can see is where they have been, and that is history.

Optimism can be the bearer of precious gifts. It will empower self motivation and create a phizz in your life that will sparkle and attract to you the goals and opportunities you seek. It has the power to expose your true potential and activate the attention of others who vibrate along the same frequency. Like attracts like, remember?

Observe and you will see that once an optimist has an objective in his sights nothing will spook or detract him from his goal. Like a cruise missile once the target is programmed in and the fuse lit little can stop the ultimate bang!

Expecting life to be better is the optimist credo. Most understand that you can only rise to the limit of your expectations . . . only optimists expect more. Just claiming to be an optimist opens you to possibilities beyond your expectations . . . beyond anything you could have thought of yourself! As an optimist you can create opportunities where previously they did not exist. Often unable to visualize how things can happen, but just knowing they will! This inner trust is an almost naive childlike quality that blesses those able to master it.

A child’s naïve optimism knows no bounds, what a wonderful quality that is . . . yet so often as ‘responsible parents’ we knock that treasure out of our kids. As adults we should recall those childish qualities of self motivation and optimism in ourselves as the very foundation that brings about the results we want from life. Truth is . . . who is the teacher?

Author Dr Wayne Dyer is a good role model of optimism. His first book was not reaching the volume of bookstores and readers that he wanted so he purchased and loaded his car with a stock of his books and hawked them around himself. Because writers only received about ten free copies of their own books, he had to buy a stock from the publisher with his own money . . . such was his self-motivation and optimism. Now we acknowledge him as one of the most read and respected self-help authors about.

In his books Dr Wayne Dyer guides and teaches the importance of self motivation and optimism, who could argue when you observe the apples on his tree . . . but they did not arrive on their own, he walked the walk of optimism.

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