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Reading and Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

One of the great delights of reading and motivation is that you, the individual, has complete control. Whatever your interests are there is stimulating and motivational material to satisfy every possible need.

There are more motivational and inspirational books available now than ever before. The general category Motivational Books can sound boring and a little heavy but this can be misleading — many are extremely powerful and stimulating to read. Search out one that means something to you and let it inspiring text work for you.

Books of every type abound. Inspiration is not restricted to reading specific material. Newspaper stories often contain accounts of heartwarming “rags to riches” stories or good overcoming evil. A word of warning—newspapers are notorious for their focus on the negative so be sure to check out the material before you get too heavily into it. Novels can lift your motivation just as watching a movie can, but again be selective.

The golden secret is to know how it feels to be motivated. If you can be aware of the difference between feeling down and de-motivated to being on a high and ready to charge, you have a useful indicator that will keep you informed, switched on and on track.

Be aware that reading and motivation do go together and that it is as easy to be motivated as reaching for a stimulating book or other material.

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