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Motivation and Reading

Motivation and Reading

Written by Dave Gannaway

For some reason motivation and reading can create associations with the academic life. Studying, cramming for exams and all the things we were pressured and traumatized into doing back when. These experiences may be anchored and associated with the thought of reading; thus revealing reading in a unpopular light.

Set that old conditioning and anchor aside and understand that motivation and reading is much more than that. Watch the kids reacting as they read comics and cartoons—they can become totally engrossed within the words and involved in the action. I’m sure if you have children you will know that when they are reading something absorbing you can talk to them and they are just ‘out if it’, oblivious of everything around them. Even if you talk to them they are just not aware of your presence, so totally motivated are they in their reading.

When motivational reading is that intense the message is being absorbed by the subconscious. With repetition the inspiring message becomes installed as a habit. The words can transform and change lives. When the reader savors the words and ingests their very meaning, he begins to experience the expression the author intended. That is sometimes expressed as reading between the lines or as interpreting the author’s true intentions. It is very powerful and often reveals much more information than expressed in words alone.

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