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Jewel's Motivational Story

Written by Dave Gannaway
Motivational Story There is a magic that many entrepreneurs keep close to their chest. Secrets we all crave to know. What is it that sets them aside from the crowd? How do they amass success and wealth with such seemly, effortless ease, whilst the majority struggle? I have been privileged to know a number of such men/women and taken into their confidence. Whilst I would never break a confidence and, they jealously guard their inner workings anyway, it has afforded me a glimpse into their private lives. I have observed their personal likes and dislikes, quarks and habits, their passions and tantrums. All this has left me with an intimate profile, a peek beyond the illusion that is revealed to the public.

Many of these interesting entrepreneurs bask in their notoriety and claims that they possess wisdom beyond the rest or some secret success formula. This indeed helps their inner process because it ‘strokes’ an already well endowed ego. All of this, I am sure is true but the paradox is that many of them do not know what the secret of their own success is! Yes, they have these qualities, they do have these secrets, but they are not aware of what they are! Let me explain. Success is the result of what they do, their mental attitude, and a pot purée of thoughts and emotions, but it is not something they keep locked away until the next deal comes up. It is something they just do, automatically, often without even giving it a second thought.

They have their own version of the Magic Red Dot Technique, but strangely they are not aware of it. Jewels (not his real name) owned a large trading company with offices in the UK and both Australia and the West Indies. He would buy and sell anything that would turn him a good profit. Jewels came up the hard way. Many of the stories on how he made his start would not make good motivational reading. They would be more credible as a plot for Oliver Twist!

Jewels was daring and bold. I remember he placed a bid-on and purchased two huge steam trains that were surplus to the militaries use. Everyone was sure that he had taken leave of his senses. Who on earth, in this twenty first century, would want two ancient steam trains? Jewels replied laughing, “Well, they don’t make ‘em anymore!” Well Jewels sold the trains to an antiquated mining operation in Africa turning a handsome profit. It was also no surprise that he went back to the military and purchased all the spare parts they could offer, which he obtained virtually as a gift. After all what possible use could a military with stealth fighters and ballistic missiles have for steam train spars?

Such daring and outrageous behavior inspired Jewels. It brought spring to his step and set his blood rushing through his veins. Jewels came alive when his back was to the wall. That seldom failed to light his fire and to propel him into action. That was his motivation; he knew that he worked at his best when under pressure. And so when he needed to boost his own motivation he would actively put himself under pressure. Often this would produce extraordinary results.

One time, when Jewels was lacking in creative energy and motivation he asked his daughter, who was his secretary, how much cash they had in the bank? “Twenty two thousand,” she revealed. (not the same amount)

“Take two thousand and stock-up stuff for home,” he replied heading out of the office.

“But that’s all the cash we have,” she called after him.

“Blow it!” He called back before vanishing towards his car.

When Jewels returned to his office is was driving a new car, a Bentley Continental. His secretary exclaimed that new the bank account was now dangerously in the red. “Yea, that’s right. … It’s time I did something!” He flopped back behind his desk basking in the renewed serge of vitality

Jewels motivation was surviving. That is what his whole life was about, survival. Overcoming problems was all Jewels knew how to do. As he became successful he noticed that if he was not striving to overcome a problem, or get out of a situation, then nothing would happen. His answer to this was that if there were not problems, then he would create one. He was also aware that little problems were only irritations that he could delegate. The only problems worth their salt and put a fire in his hold, were big problems. Jewels loved big problems. Big problems that would send most into hiding or paralyzed in fear would fire the adrenaline into his veins making him a giant.

Money and profit motivated Jewels yet he placed no value on the money itself. The money and profit were just the symbols that showed he has succeeded in overcoming the problems. He would often generously give lavish presents and/or money. To the outside world he was a kind and generous man. I said to him one time, “Do you see yourself as a kind and generous benefactor?” … To this he laughed and said, “Bullshit, all I do is what is the obvious, and what the rest of the turkeys are too asleep to see!” The door crashed closed and the conversation was at an end.

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