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Motivation vs. Skill and Talent

Written by Dave Gannaway

There is a distinct difference between motivation, and skill & talent. Both are desirable, but one shines greater than the others. To achieve peak performance, skill and talent are not enough without motivation. This truth is often reflected in the lives of highly skilled individuals, even geniuses who just never make it. Many such amazing talents lead their lives in obscurity because of their lack of drive and motivation. Motivation By contrast, those who are highly driven and motivated often achieve greater heights than many with greater skills and talent. So in a balance of motivation over skill and talent, motivation has the edge.

By its very nature motivation generates confidence and self assurance. It boost self image and engenders charisma, which in turn radiates an invisible aura of well being. It sends out positive vibes that attract the same in return. In short, it makes you stand out from the crowd „Ÿ a very useful attribute for a potential high achiever, indeed for everyone.

There are a great many highly successful men and woman, some in prominent positions, who dropped out of school without any qualifications yet made it big with just motivation and their own personalities. Many had no choice, often they were the breadwinner who families depended on them, or just freaked out by school. Yet, they were so motivated they made it anyway. I was like that myself. I was invisible until leaving school. Only then did I begin to find my niche in the world. It is not the easiest way, but it can be done.

Of those who have risen above the crowd, most have worked for themselves. Having no formal qualifications, I had no chance of doing what I wanted to do being employed within any corporation, so the only option was to work for myself. In that way I could do what ever I wished. It can be a lonely, life and a hard way to start, but with focus and motivation it can be done.

A totally unknown young manfs passion was to make movies. Even though he had failed twice to get into movie school, he was undeterred in his motivation to succeed. Stephen Spielberg was so motivated to make it in movies that he is reputed to have smuggled himself on to the Universal Studios lot in Hollywood California. He took over a vacant trailer until his face became so familiar around the studios that, it was assumed that he worked there then, someone gave him a job. The rest, as they say is history. It was that unstoppable spark to make movies that drove him to do whatever to takes, even if was a little questionable how he got into Universal Studios. I donft think anyone would be critical of him now, do you? Years later when asked to describe his work, he said, gI dream for a living.h

Having a driven purpose and learning the secrets of what motivates you can be the most rewarding task you will ever undertake. Doing what ever it takes to achieve that compelling and motivated state will, without doubt, bring the rewards you seek. Ask Stephen Spielberg, Ifm sure he will agree!

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