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Mission or Job

Written by Dave Gannaway

Do you have a mission or just a job? What’s the difference? If you gotta ask, you’ve just got a job! The amazing Stephen Spielberg said, “I get up so excited, I can’t eat breakfast.” … He has a mission! So, what is a mission? It’s a driving desire, an unstoppable urge to keep moving forwards towards the target and enjoying every moment of what you are doing.

Few people have a mission. And of that few, still fewer can clearly define precisely what it is. That is probably why 80% of the world’s wealth is owned by only 20% of the population. Put another way 80% of the people are asleep or in a self conditioned daze.

Mission or Job Most people have a job; an occupation they attend every day because they must earn a living. Ask them what they look forward to, and they say, retirement or winning the Lotto. So for forty plus hours every week they are aimlessly treading water.

When we left school my friend went to work at a car factory. He bragged how secure the job was and how great the benefits and pensions. We lost contact but I met up with him again fifty years on, now he had just retired. He was frail and walking with difficulty, but with a good pension and medical plan. We shared a drink as we reviewed our lives. He was full of regret that he had not experienced any of the adventures and excitement that I had been blessed with doing. He confided that for 50 years it was like being in a grey and dingy prison that allowed you to go home at night. Each day just kept eating away at your soul! I kept thinking to myself, “There must be more to life than this!” But even so, kept on doing the same old stuff.

How many millions of folk, I wonder, does that story represent? If it is ringing bells for you understand that you could have a mission. That you could be motivated like Stephen Spielberg, or Bill Gates. Change IS possible and not difficult. Let me show you how.

When these guys are on a mission, they have an inner excitement that draws them towards their goal. I have talked with many such high flyers and whilst they are all different, there is a common denominator. When they are in that unstoppable state their inner experiences, their goals, thoughts, feelings, etc. are all bright, colorful and compelling. Imagine the most beautiful high definition TV set with wonderful stereo sound, imagine that as your thoughts and inner experiences. That is how their thoughts work. They are always ‘turned on!” They are often too excited about their project to even go to bed.

By comparison, notice how you feel when you think about work or those things you don’t feel motivated to do. The mental experience or the pictures you see in the minds eye is flat, lifeless, and lacking in color. It does nothing to ‘turn you on’ or excite you. How would it feel to go to the movies and they run the film at half brightness, in faded black and white and with the sound turned down so low it was inaudible? You would not feel very motivated to sit through it I’m sure. Well that is how you are experiencing your working life right now. Compare that to the exciting high definition techniques of the previous group.

We know how to change that. So let’s do it! Let me show you how.

This is just for fun and to demonstrate the technique to you. Think of something that you would like to do. Select something small to begin with we’ll save the bigger important stuff for later. Let’s say you would like to get enthusiastic about exercising or fixing up the garden. To begin with you don’t want to do it. So your mind will not be too keen on focusing on this thought. It will tend to keep flitting away to other things. For the moment hold your attention on it and notice what is happening and what you can see in your mind’s eye. The images and feelings will probably be unattractive. … Dark, lacking in color, maybe a little blurry, they may feel yuck! … Just notice how it is and how it makes you feel. That will give you something to compare with as we begin make some improvements.

Now let’s experiment and just have a little fun. … What happens when you take this yucky, blurry picture and brighten it up? Turn the brightness up and as you do add some color. … Notice that it is more attractive, keep going, play with it, try a little more color. What happens if you make it clearer and crisper? … Hey, lets make it like the high definition TV. Notice the difference? … Now let’s add sound, soft and soothing, loud and exciting, you choose. … Instead of moans and groans try hearing the sounds of laughter. When you hear laughing you can’t help laughing too. Make that work. Add a little music, what’s your favorite? Make that stereo all around sound. Mmmm!

Just by doing that, how does it feel? Compare it to the yucky picture you started with. What you have just done is what winners and high achievers do all the time! Once you get into the habit of living in that beautiful bright and compelling world, your subconscious quickly applies these new techniques for you. Then it becomes automatic and you are on your way.

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