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How To Be Motivated

Written by Dave Gannaway

How To Be Motivated The results of your achievements can be determined by the level of your motivation. So learning and understanding how to be motivated can be a very important stepping stone in everyone’s life. Without it there is no vitality or incentive to overcome inertia.

Without being energized with electricity your vacuum cleaner would be just another inanimate object and the dust around your home would just accumulate. Switch it on and it springs to life and does a useful job. It was animated by the focus of electrical energy.

We are just like that, without the focus of some form of energy we do not function as we should. To be motivated is to become animated — to spring into action, to be inspired towards doing or achieving something.

How to be motivated is about finding the energy that fires your motor! What do you love to do? And when you do it what does it feel like? When you know what it is like to be motivated then you can anchor anchor it. This forms a memory you can recreate and recall whenever you wish.

So now you can begin to fire-up your motor and be motivated whenever you wish by activating the anchor. The effectiveness of this technique increases as you discover more things that excite you and add them to your anchor.

The most powerful stimulus of all is intimacy. Every human being is motivated towards love, warmth and sex. Add this to your armory of anchors and you have a supercharger second to none. Of course the energy and stimulus is generated by intimacy but it can be transmuted as raw vitality and focused in any direction you choose.

Most very high achievers have an innate and exceptionally high level of intimacy/sex. It is this, transmuted into the direction of their interest that creates their genius. For many this energy flows unstoppably through their veins and is applied in its raw or refined form as its master wishes. Strangely, many such extraordinary achievers are totally unaware of the source of their mastery. They are just alive to its flow.

Everyone has these intrinsic powers in various degrees. Observing and using them to motivate ourselves is just a matter of understanding and technique. The power carries with it an intelligence and intuition that can reach far beyond our physical understanding. We have no comprehension of where it comes from only that it undeniably exists. Efforts to discover the source of these amazing qualities seem only to deaden and block its effectiveness so don’t even try. Just accept it with gratitude and be blessed.

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