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Extrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

Extrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

Written by Dave Gannaway
Extrinsic motivation in the workplace refers to the ways an individual is motivated. An employee may not like his job or even going to work. This, sadly, applies to millions of wage earners throughout the country. (Most of which have not yet visited this website!) They go to work, quite simply for what they are going to get out of it.

There are three ways it can be categorized-

• Promise of Reward

• Promotion

• Recognition

Promise of Reward simply means money, bonuses or any form of financial reward. It can include benefits, trips, holidays etc, free meals out in expensive hotels, even fuel allowances. Rewards for good time keeping give the employer reduced absenteeism.

Promotion can be seen as another more reliable route to all of the above. It may also provide such luxuries as expense accounts and company cars, access to the management’s car parking lot, rest rooms, even a position on the staff that avoids using the time-clock.

Recognition can lead to all of the above plus the prospects of climbing the corporate ladder. This may dangle the carrot of possibilities of executive positions, partnerships or stock holdings.

All of these extrinsic motivations in the workplace stimulate the individual towards becoming more motivated within himself to be more conscientious and productive. Without these rewards the individual can become de-motivated and demoralized.

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