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Exercise Motivation

Exercise Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway
Probably the greatest exercise motivation required is to get out of the chair and start. As the old adage says, ‘you can’t steer a stationary car!’ and you can’t exercise a reclining body. So why do you want to do it in the first place? Once we know that we have some idea where to aim our efforts.

Why I need to exercise:

• I’m over weight and it’s unhealthy.

• My clothes are getting tight and uncomfortable.

• I don’t look good in my swimsuit.

• People are beginning to notice my weight.

This is just four reasons. The list could easily fill the page, so add your own reason.

Begin by finding the most important reason for you. Why is it so compelling for you? Are you aware of people looking at you, or calling you ‘lardo’, or ‘fatso?’ Imagine that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hear it. Visualize being at the doctors office when he tells you, “your health is very much at risk at this weight.” Use our switch method to anchor each of these feelings to create change.

What would your experience be if you were in peek condition, trim, sexy and tanned? How would that feel? How would people look at you then? Compare it to the former. What do you choose? That is a great exercise motivation. Anchor, and hold on to it.

See, have and feel what you want. Focus all five senses on the desired outcome. Create bright, large, colored pictures in the mind’s eye. Keep those sub modalities as your exercise motivation. The more ‘real’ you create them in your head the more your subconscious mind will draw and motivate you towards it.

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