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Business Motivation

Business Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway
In business motivation, a company’s managers are the sprinkler head at the end of the company’s line of production. The effectiveness of the sprinkler head on the end of your garden hose determines the degree to which your plants and garden, the company, grow! Without business motivation, the garden will not prosper. Thus a company can rise and fall on the effectiveness of its managers.

A big part of the manager’s role is to provide the connection and enthusiasm to the shop floor. When this link is missing or is neglected productivity can begin to fall off. Staff can begin to lose momentum and vitality about the work they are doing. In turn, this affects the final product or service, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and declining sales. The cause … lack of business motivation. The reason is poor communication between management and workforce.

Successful organizations place high value on every aspect of their employee’s well being. This is a two fold prong approach.

• Monetary reward for a job well done and company profit made.

• Personal recognition and rapport with individuals of the work force.

When these two issues adopted effectively management get the best out of everyone. Those who generate and offer the greatest rewards for the company win the greatest benefits. Employees should also understand that the company is always searching for new ways to increase sales and productivity and should help and be patient of that fact.

If everyone from top to bottom within the company adopted the desire to add value to what they do, just a little extra effort to go the extra mile, major changes can take place. The management’s role in that strategy is to reflect those increases with individual and personal recognition and dollars.

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