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Work Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Work motivation is more that just having fun at the work place. In the distant past, on high days and holidays, the employers would patronizingly allow funny hats and Christmas cake to be shared in the work place. Such strategies were a lame and ineffective excuse at work motivation. Work motivation

Modern companies and workers of all levels have moved much closer together. The divide has been reduced to the benefit of both workers and employers. There is a growing necessity for workers to go to work because they want to and not just for the money.

Now workers requirements tend to go beyond the pay check. They expect to make a contribution and assist the company to expand and grow … indeed they want to feel and be a part of a companies overall success. Becoming caught-up in the well being and general achievements creates a feeling of oneness … of belonging and being a part of a successful enterprise.

When companies include benefits and care for employees to their strategy so the mutual bond grows. Work becomes rewarding and satisfying. There is less absenteeism and the result of this is that employees tend to go the extra mile. Today’s workers thrive on meeting challenges and the recognition that brings.

I have been blessed with staff members that have often created results at a level greater than I could myself have achieved. On occasion, when the pressure of work was stifling, I have called the staff together and shared my troubled situation. Explaining the situation I have asked for their help to get wayward and improbable tasks done. Then, I have visibly got out of the way and left them to it. Not only did they rise to the occasion and fulfill every expectation … which involved working much harder and longer than normal, but amazingly, they literally enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of achieving a goal for themselves.

I personally took pride in recognizing openly how valuable they were to me and my company. Making if very clear that they make a difference and that they are an important part of what we do.

Sharing the good news and customers credit and appreciation also assist them in identifying that they are an important part of the whole. This helps them to grow personally and feel good about themselves. The result of this is that employees enjoy coming to work. I would also occasionally, join them at coffee break for a laugh and joke. This always seemed to gain rapport and build stronger relationships. Close but not too close! Generating a happy work motivated staff is priceless.

Just Remembering

Secretaries by their very nature are efficient, and in my experience, provide that invaluable stream of reminders … important, and some unimportant, things to remember. They can also be invaluable in keeping their ear to the ground. In my experience, when ever I wanted to know what was going on behind by back, on the workshop floor, she would be able to give me a very accurate and honest rundown of the situations.

For me she was my girl Friday. If I overlooked someone’s achievement or some important happening, she would tactfully remind me. Likewise if I needed to know that an employee’s wife, or child, was ill, she would have the details … and most often how I should deal with it!

All of these seemly little, insignificant issues, is what work motivation is really all about ... little things that create a unique bond within the workforce.

I recall having a hard time dealing with a very irate and boisterous client in my office. It was the end of the working day. I could hear the workforce clocking off outside of my office. My client was loosing his temper and I was feeling increasingly vulnerable. When there was a knock on my office door and the head of one of the big guys from the shop floor appeared in the gap, “We’re waiting out here for you, guv’ner! Just call if you need us!” he said in a gruff, reassuring voice. They had heard the angry raised voices and stood-by in support. Moments such as that are precious and remind you that you are blessed with more than just a workforce around you.

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