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Work Motivation

Work Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Every individual has a different work motivation. If you don’t own a business of your own, then you probably earn your living through having a job. Of course everyone has a different reason for going to work, generally it’s to pay the bills. Yet there can be more to it than that, a sense of satisfaction, mixing and interacting with others even the satisfaction of a job well done.

Some peoples work motivation is that they love doing their job, others work just to collect the money. I observed an employee who never seemed interested in any job he was given, I asked him, “Do you enjoy coming to work?” “Yea I like coming to work,” he replied . . . “it’s hanging around until it’s time to go home that sucks!” I roared with laughter at the flagrant audacity of the man, needless to say he doesn’t work for me anymore.

It is true, money is the bottom line. Bills must be paid, the family must be fed and the mortgage met. But there is much more to it than that, more to life than just being just a workhorse. Within us all, is a need to prove ourselves and show our individually. We have juices that need to flow to function at our best. We are all unique each with a work motivation that requires recognition. Without that we can shrivel-up like a dried-out prune, and become a hollow shell with no substance or meaning.

Work motivation can create a fulfillment and a vitality to get out of bed in the morning. The secret is to work at things you are happy doing.

“If you find a job you really love doing, you’ll never work again!”

- Winston Churchill

Most of us require a job that is challenging, that at the end of the workday leaves us feeling as though something has been achieved. Just as a stimulating walk achieves nothing unless it leaves you puffing a little at the end of it!

Good employers understand work motivation and test employees to stretch and grow, then recognize their individual achievements. This provides a win-win situation where everyone gets what they need.

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