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Triathlon Motivation

Triathlon Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Triathlon motivation plays a very large role in keeping athletes focused in all three very diverse disciplines of a triathlon. Triathlon is a three-sport endurance event where the athlete competes in all three events, one after the other without a break.

The three events of the race are, swimming, cycling and running. Since each sport requires a different training focus for each of its three disciplines, its motivational approach can vary greatly. Triathlon motivation must also consider that the whole event is one of endurance since each section follows directly after the other.

The distance of a triathlon is varied although the Olympic International or Standards are -

1. Swimming – 1 mile

2. Cycling – 25 miles

3. Running – 6 miles

At the higher end of triathlon competition there is an Iron-man event where athletes compete with a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and run a full marathon of 26 miles. No wonder this event is called the Ultra! I would imagine that the amount of athletes able to complete this event would be very limited.

Athletes interested in taking up this sport can rest easy, there is a mini triathlon that competes over more modest distances –

1. Swimming 100 yards to 400 yards

2. Cycle 6 miles to 12 miles

3. Run 1 mile to 3 miles

Amongst the triathlon community, there are no standard distances for a mini triathlon; however, the distances would be in the order of:

Swim (100 yards to 1/4 mile)

Bike (6 miles to 12 miles)

Run (1 mile to 3 miles)

Before you rush out to purchases your bike and take on a rigorous training program check out with your doctor that you are physically up to it. Remember this is an endurance sport and it will be very demanding both physically and mentally. Therefore a good triathlon motivation program will be essential to help maintain what will be a very rigorous training program.

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