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The Way to Be Safe Is...

Written by Dave Gannaway

One of my first publishers taught me a lesson I never forgot. He said write a book showing folks how to create miracles or sail around the world; if it’s motivational enough they will buy your book, but few will sail around the world or create a miracle! How true that is.

Over the years working as a therapist this lesson repeated itself time and again. I help people get motivated to do all manner of things; sometimes just to overcome an illness or depression, but they seldom do anything about it! Strange really, they seem to enjoy the motivation of being stimulated or motivated by someone else, but alone they lose the momentum and rarely do nothing about it. Does that ring bells for you? I’m pretty sure it does because the truth is, ‘people do not change unless they absolutely have to!’

So yes you can make changes in your life but the more desperate the situation is the greater the likelihood you have of succeeding. If your wife or children’s life depended upon it, if you were as serious risk or if a disaster was looming then your chances of succeeding would be excellent. Without that stimulation, your chances of success diminish dramatically.

How many times have you listened to people say, “I have tried to quit smoking so many times but I just can’t?” But if the doctor or someone in authority they respected were to approach the topic by saying, “Have you made provision for your wife and children? Will they be able to honor the financial obligations in your absence?” Now watch the change in attitude and a whole new fire ignite.

Naturally, everyone is different. Another approach would be to tell someone what is possible but they have not got the ability to do it! Their response would probably be, ‘who said I can’t do it . . . I’ll show you, Mister!’ Then they shift into a higher gear as they become truly motivated.

Achievers can naturally motivate themselves. They quickly rise to any challenge. Indeed, they often do not function at their best without such stimulation. Truth is that if we do not have an objective to work toward or challenge us then we have a lack of purpose in our life. This condition sadly is of epidemic proportion.


I was twenty and just starting out in the world of business when a wise and clever trader who I greatly respected, gave me a word of advice I never forgot. He simply said, “Remember this Lad. In business the way to be safe, is never be too secure!” Of course that’s a paradox but it is also good advice! Being safe leads to complacency and complacency is inert.

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