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Speeches on Motivation

Speeches on Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Speeches on motivation are usually intended to be uplifting however such is the power of the human voice. It can deliver words with an amazing range of effect that can range from constructive to destructive and a dozen places in between.

I have observed a desperate and much troubled employer deliver a speech tying to motivate his workforce that, in fact had the opposite effect. Where his personal troubles reflected through is words and was interpreted in a negative way by the listener.

So sensitive can the human voice be that it can interpret the spoken word in many ways. By the tone, volume and compassion . . . even through the physical body language reflected by the speaker. How often has your wife or partner pick up that you were troubled or had something on your mind, by simply observing body language and the tone of your voice?

The effectiveness can be received with equal sensitivity by the listener. An employee, who knows his job is on the line or that the company is going down the tube, is not going to be easily inspired if the speaker tells him otherwise. He will read all manner of assumptions and innuendoes into what he hears and little will be gained by anyone.

So, speeches on motivation can carry various messages for different people. The wise and experienced speaker will not attempt to deliver a motivational message if he were not motivated and in the right attitude of mind himself. He will know that the audience would quickly see through any ‘act’ or pretense he would dare to put on.

Just as you would have a difficult time keeping troubled feelings from your wife or partner . . . an audience or listener would also see through any shallow attempts to fool anyone. Being straight and honest is the only way to go if you are to retain your integrity and truly be of service.

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