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Self Improvement Motivation

Self Improvement Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

“Do we really need self-improvement motivation?” you ask. “I have done well, it would be nice to have more money and less pressure in my life … but I’ve got by and kept the wolf from the door so far. I have done better than some . . .”

There is a silly yet true saying “If things don’t change they’ll stay as they are!” How true that is. Take a good look at your life now, are you content to live the rest of your life out exactly as you are? I do not think you would answer yes to that, so some things need to change.

Most articles on self-improvement motivation tell how important it is to have specific objectives. That of course is correct but to just have an aim is not enough. An aim and a goal are different. To have an aim is merely to have a direction. It may be the right direction but it is not specific . . . unlike a goal that pinpoints the objective precisely. So the more precise the goal the accurate will be the results.

Some years ago, I worked with a lady from Switzerland who wanted a home in England. I encouraged her to draw a picture of her goal. Not good at sketching she produced the picture that, as I requested, was very detailed. Some years later while visiting her home, she reminded me how I encouraged her to draw the picture. With that she produced the, now old and dog-eared sketch that clearly revealed that we were drinking tea in that very house! Such is the power of visualization and self-improvement motivation.

Magic does happen but the guy with the private jet and holiday home in Florida did not achieve them by shopping at the Dollar store and saving quarters in a jar! That is the opposite of his strategy. He would have precise goals and a plan to manifest them.

He also is conscious that dreaming and setting goals alone is not enough. Big goals cost big money and that does not come with a nine to five job. So if you have such a job your first objective is to completely change your mind-set from being employed to owning your own company.

Try to visualize yourself owning your own profitable business. Now, be honest with yourself . . . can you see it in your minds eye? Does it feel comfortable? If it does not sit easy with your consciousness, and to begin with it probably won’t, there is a little work to do. This is the first area of change required. Without it, even the best set goals will fail to seem possible.

Visualize someone who leads the life you desire and imagine you in his body and looking out of his eyes at all the toys he has and all the business responsibilities he has also. Really check it out. Remember you are wealthier that everyone about you. Many admire and envy you . . . others resent and dislike you. You must make all the decisions take all the flak. All problems as well as rewards and profits finish-up on your desk. … How does that feel?

Entrepreneurs love and thrive on all of that. It‘s the stuff that lights their candle and fires up their vitality. Can you feel that buzz? Is it exciting? Creating such a subconscious reality will soon begin to create personal changes. Begin to live that life in your imagination and that is what will slowly infuse itself in your physical reality. That is how self-improvement motivation begins.

That is the true seeds of change and growth. As you create that as your reality, you begin to walk the walk and talk the talk. Before long, you will begin to notice that you feel more comfortable with the ‘new you’ than you did with the old.

We have a technique in our classes we call ‘getting off the bus!’ Where you embrace the new you and imagine arriving somewhere new where you get off the bus as that person. As you do you notice that everyone accepts you as that person, no question. To them that is exactly who you are. How would you get off the bus? Tinker, tailor, solder, sailor, rich-man . . . all you have to do is choose, then, get off the bus!

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