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Running Motivation

Running Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

The most powerful running motivation anyone can have is a deep desire to run. … a passion to feel the freedom and exhilaration of just doing it. Despite the amazing progress science has made and the wonderful work that has been done in research, they still do not really know how a person runs! What happens within that interconnection between the brain and the physiology is still a mystery. We know that running, like walking is a controlled act of falling forward, the further forward you fall the quicker the legs react to keep balance. The whole process takes place within the subconscious mind well below our conscious awareness. In fact if we try to do on purpose, we’d fall flat on our face!

Most runners will agree that running motivation is a mind game. Remember before the famous runner Roger Banister many considered it impossible to run a 4 minute mile, until he proved everyone wrong. That barrier gone, 4 minute miles are now commonplace. So what happened? Of course he was in peak condition physically but so were most of the other athletes; the difference was that he was determined and saw himself doing it. He visualized it as possible and made it happen.

A passion to run is the greatest motivation. When I was a child of three or four, life was very difficult for my mother. She had very little money and when she went into town she would put me on the bus and tell the conductor where to put me off. Whilst I rode the bus she would run. Not only did it save her money but she loved to do it, and most amazing of all she was always waiting for me at the other end. I’ll just add that she had my name and address stitched to the inside of my coat in case of accidents.

Times or distances were of little interest to her. Just to be there before the bus was her running motivation. She would pride herself on that achievement. To her it meant as much as the accomplishment of winning a cup or medal.

This illustrates that setting a specific goal is important not only on the track but for any achievement… even beating the bus into town!

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