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Purpose in your Life

Purpose is an intentional aim or goal, something that gives your actions a reason. For so many, living a life without purpose is akin to treading water, or using a lot of energy just to stay afloat. Many search or wonder what their life is all about! Some even take to the hills or the wilderness; spend time in nature, meditate and many other distractions in search of their life's aim.

To be clear, those searching, generally, are seeking some profound spiritual principle — some deeper, more meaningful reason for being. Often, they believe that they were created, or put here, to complete a task or objective of which they are unaware - to journey toward a destination or goal that they are unaware of! In my understanding, that is the perfect recipe for a life of frustration and dissatisfaction, the opposite to the search for a life of harmony and satisfaction. Or is it?

Have you ever wondered if you have some unique ability or talent you are not yet conscious of? Observation shows that the question, ‘What is my purpose?’ usually crops up during the hum-drum drudgery of everyday work; the office worker who endlessly shuffles paper or the housewife up to her elbows washing dirty clothes! Those frustrated by a seemingly endless, unrelenting demand on them to do work they don’t enjoy. In fact that becomes the very meaning of the word ‘work’! For me, I love doing what I do as my work; even when it’s time to quit I go home only to find myself continuing to do it, because that is my passion too!

My view is, of all the various creatures on this planet, we human beings were given a unique ability, the gift of choice. This ability lifts us beyond all other creatures. We have choice over everything in our lives. We can choose what to do, where to live, what language to speak, what we eat, like, or listen to. We have the ability to understand what feels good and is stimulating or motivational, also observing pain and dissatisfaction. And most importantly, we have the ability to create those situations.

Paradoxically, it is only when we are aware that we have these amazing abilities that we can use them or change them! Let me say that again, ‘you can only use or change what you are aware of!’ Imagine window-shopping and staring longingly at things you would so love to have but could not afford. Now imagine that there was money enough in your pocket or purse, but you were unaware it was there! Because of the belief that you could not afford those things you denied yourself, when in truth if you were just aware of your own potential nothing would be denied you. Could that be your purpose; to understand your uniqueness and potentials?

Struggle creates more struggle. So to continue to fight and struggle, we have created a purpose to struggle! And we become successful at achieving it! But by just changing your focus can change everything. Instead of observing the struggle, perhaps you could see it as the effort and practice to move on.

When you realize your innate abilities, and create a goal for harmony, and release struggle, life then begins to change. The change will manifest in accordance and to the level of your belief. Total belief creates instant change, no belief yields no change. It’s your choice!



We create everything in our lives individually, from learning to walk as a baby to the refined skills of the artist or stockbroker. Each skill is created and fashioned to the plan or desire formed within our consciousness.

The artist formulates an idea in his mind and slowly begins to articulate that form on his canvas. Most artists are not born with the skills and techniques to draw or paint; they are things learned through practice and the desire to become more accomplished is his art. They develop a purpose. Yes, some have a flare or enthusiasm for a particular job, that’s a great bonus, but to achieve the full expertise it must be practiced and perfected.

Business people nurture and hone their skills to achieve the level of mastery required. Whatever accomplishment you can think of invariably grew from a purpose and desire for its accomplishment. That in turn, is the product of practice.

A tourist in New York asked a workman, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” His joking reply, “practice lady, practice!”

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