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Next Month, Next Year? What Then?

Next Month, Next Year? What then?

Written by Dave Gannaway

Where do you want to be next month or next year? Ever thought of that? What would you like to be doing or how would you like to earn your living; idle hypothetical day-dreaming? For the majority maybe, but the reality is that’s the process that embarks you on the route to creating that reality.

Of course, if you talk about it and day-dream in public you will be criticized and made fun of. That in turn tends to destroy the dream. How many talents and skill have been lost in this way? In my early days writing I sometimes shared my desires and quickly I was turned on with jest. I was sometimes told to take my head out of the clouds and get real! I’m sure that will ring bells for many starting out.

Many years ago my dream was to be a radio and television writer. Struggling to provide for my young family with a manual day job my ambitions were so much more creative. I wrote scripts about the world around me, everyday things that I knew about and would write with authority.

To begin with each manuscript faithfully returned with a rejection slip. Often with a kindly note attached which all said the same, ‘no thanks, try again!’ After allowing myself a day or so to be depressed and down then I would have a new idea and off I would go again! One day on my way home I resolved to note everything that was to happen on my arrival. I would write it down and see what transpired.

My two kids kept a pet rabbit in a cage at the bottom of the garden. As I got out of my car, my nose picked up the smell. Then on entering the kitchen my focus was on the kids, “If you don’t clean your rabbets cage. I’ll get rid of them!” I raved on a while mentally recording everything that was going on. I threatened them that if they didn‘t clean their cage, I’d let the rabbits out to run free! It was just an idle threat to inspire a little action. Little did I know that it became the focus of my next plot and the break through I was waiting for.

After just one rejection the script finally landed on the right desk and my writing career was finally underway! It was a revelation for me to later discover that the BBC are as actively looking for new and talented writers as eagerly as new writers are searching for them! The key to success was right there. What was the key, simply to discover precisely what the BBC was looking for, then meet that criteria.

That is always the case. As the billionaire oil entrepreneur John Paul Getty revealed with his secret for success, “Find what people need and fill it! And if you can’t find a need, create one!” Think ahead.

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