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Motivational Case Study

Motivational Case Study

Written by Dave Gannaway

This is a motivational case study of a young man I became very proud of. I did not employ him directly indeed I would never have employed such a raw and dubious character by choice. Strangely, I inherited him, since he was with the company when I took it over. To say he was a rough diamond doesn’t do it, he was just plain ‘rough’! The diamond in him didn’t show up until much later.

He was known on the shop floor as ‘Z’. The name derived from the movie ‘The Mask of Zorro!” since his face was so scared and punched-up. He workmates joked that he was so ugly that he should wear the mask of Zorro, so the name stuck!

‘Z’ was a biker, a very wild intolerant young man who was not stranger to fighting and trouble, which was evident by his complexion and scars, hence his nickname. Which, strangely he was kinda proud of!

This motivational case study began when ‘Z’ asked if he could speak with me privately. I welcomed a one-on-one chance to know and understand him a little. His story could have been taken from some the scripts of some violent movies. It was outrageous in the extreme.

The object of our private chat was that ‘Z’ was in threat of losing his driving license for a long time, and possibly some jail time thrown in! His attorney told him that his only chance of reducing this, very real possibility, was if his employer wrote to the judge explaining that he was a good worker and without a driving license would lose his job.

“So ‘Z’, you want me to put my reputation on the line to save your skin?” I said bluntly.

“That’s about the size of it, Guv’nor.” He said after a pause.

“How do I know you wouldn’t go out and do the same thing again?” I spoke the hard facts as I saw it.

He looking me straight in the eyes and said, “Because you have my word on it!”

Intuitively I believed him and wrote the letter warning him that if he let me down, even once I would be through with him. He had given me his word and for the years he remained in my employ never offended again or failed my trust. Indeed, he went on to start a business of his own which was very successful. And to this day, I am delighted to consider him a friend. He still has a few rough edges, you will never change that, he is still known as ‘Z’ you’ll never change that either! What has changed? He is he is now a man of his word and can be trusted.

This is a true motivational case study that illustrates how, given a little recognition, faith and belief can give a single individual the impetus to change and completely turn his life about. . . . ‘Z’ is now married to a lovely wife and has two little ‘Zs’ that he adores. For me, I have been touched by just remembering and writing this little motivational case study. I was blessed by having had the opportunity to play a small part in such a rewarding story that could, so easily have ended very differently.

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